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Should You Plan a Mini-Moon?

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Many couples dream of the glamorous honeymoon they will take together right after they say exchange matching wedding bands and say, “I do.” This vision is often of a faraway location (preferably with room service, beautiful scenery and no reminders of work back home).

But, while you might want to hop on a plane for Bali or the Amalfi Coast, you might not have the time, the finances or the energy right after your wedding. If that’s the case, how do you celebrate the huge milestone of getting married while not putting any more strain on your resources?

Enter: the mini-moon.

What is a mini-moon?

A mini-moon is the same concept as the traditional honeymoon – you two take a romantic and relaxing trip together before starting your new married life. The difference is that it takes the pressure off of you to go halfway around the world or plan a long and lavish trip. The perfect mini-moon can be a quick drive or plane ride away and last as long as you want. It can even be right in your own city – staying in a nice hotel and playing tourist for a few days (and not telling anyone you’re in town!).

What are the benefits of taking a mini-moon?

The great thing about a mini-moon is that it lets you to take time to appreciate each other and the importance of what you just did. As newlyweds, you deserve to revel in your new married status and not have to go right back into the daily grind. If you want to save up money and vacation days to take a big trip in six months or a year, you can and should. But a mini-moon allows you to do something special without causing stress or financial strain.

What are some good ideas for planning a mini-moon?

Mini-moon planning is a fun exercise to do together. Browse local guidebooks and magazines. Look at maps for nearby destinations. Research cheap short-distance flights. Find a location you are genuinely excited about visiting – especially if it is a good attraction for something you enjoy doing together, such as wine tasting, hiking, eating or gallery hopping. Look into the California wine country, upstate New York, big Southern cities like New Orleans and Austin or small Midwestern towns like Lanesboro, Minnesota and Nashville, Indiana. Plan a mini-moon you will remember for the rest of your lives.

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