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Best Places to Propose in Mesa, Arizona

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose
best places to propose mesa-arizona-sculpture-walk

Mesa, Arizona is not far from Phoenix, but it has a character all its own! Mesa is Arizona’s third largest city – after Phoenix and Tucson – and sits at an altitude more than 1,200 feet above sea level. It’s a small city with a thriving cultural scene, and it’s surrounded by gorgeous Southwest landscapes, including the Sonoran Desert, three lakes and two rivers.

There is no shortage of romantic places to propose in and around Mesa. If you have been looking for the ideal time and place to pop the question, here are a few suggestions (just make sure you select one of our gorgeous and affordable engagement rings before the big day!).

7 Best Places to Propose in Mesa, AZ

1. Arizona Museum of Natural History

Spend a day at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, educating yourselves and taking the nest step in your relationship with a proposal! Among the historical relics and educational content provided by the museum, stand among your favorite section of the museum, and propose to the love of your life. The diamond engagement ring will be the only thing to focus on in the museum after this proposal – guaranteed!

2. Desert Belle Cruises

Saguaro Lake is located just 20 minutes outside Mesa, and it is home to desert canyons and vistas and impressive flora and fauna – from enormous cacti to mountain lions. Reserve tickets for a dinner or music cruise on the Desert Belle boat and experience the beauty of the lake from a peaceful vantage point. Find a secluded place away from the rest of the crowd, and ask her to marry you.

3. Downtown Mesa Sculpture Walk

In downtown Mesa, you will see unique art at every turn. There are 38 unique sculptures lining Main Street as part of the city’s public art collection. Take your sweetheart on a self-guided sunset art walk, and choose from any of the scenic places to propose – maybe in front of the Climb As High As Your Dreams sculpture or sitting in the Big Pink Chair. Once your partner has said yes, walk over to Il Vinaio, a chic wine bar and restaurant on Main Street, and toast to your future together.

4. Mesa Arts Center

Enjoy the variety of offerings the Mesa Arts Center provides to the public to create a memorable evening and setting for your proposal. From a full calendar of shows to attend (including dance performances, jazz, comedy shows, among others), classes to join, events to partake in, the museum to explore, etc. Take your pick from the variety of offerings, and plan a fun-filled proposal.

5. Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill

Take a foodie-inspired day trip to Queen Creek Olive Oil Mill, located about 30 minutes outside Mesa. Queen Creek is Arizona’s only working olive farm and mill, featuring 100 beautiful acres and more than 7,000 trees. Make reservations for a private advanced or master sommelier tasting at the farm, and learn all about the fine art of making extra virgin olive oil. Eat a delicious lunch or dinner at the Queen Creek restaurant, then find a peaceful spot on the property to propose.

6. Superstition Mountain – Lost Dutchman Museum

Superstition Mountain has become famous because of a man named Jacob Waltz ( also known as “the Dutchman” – inspiring the name of the museum); the individual who allegedly discovered a gold ore mine in this mountain, but took the secret of it’s location to his grave in 1891. The mountain has been scoured for the hidden gold mine by treasure hunters for decades. Nowadays, the region is also an attraction for campers, conservationists, hikers, horseback riders, and more. This would be a fun place to have a proposal – perhaps suggest to your partner that you partake in the notorious treasure hunt! As you are exploring the mountain, you can kneel down, secretly take out the little red engagement ring box, and call you partner over telling them you think you’ve found something. They’ll think you have found a clue to finding the gold mine, but instead you will have found the key to their heart! Nothing like a treasure hunt for gold – a gold wedding ring that is!

7. Usery Mountain Regional Park

Enjoy a day filled with activities at the Usery Mountain Regional Park. From water activities, to recreational programs throughout the park, you can partake in these activities, and at the end of the day wind down with a bottle of champagne and a proposal!

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