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Creative Ideas for Proposing at Comic-Con

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose
best ways to propose at comic con

If you and your significant other are comic, fantasy or science fiction fans, going to Comic-Con is probably on your bucket list.

Since Comic-Con started in San Diego in 1970, it has offered a creative outlet for comic book, movie and sci-fi enthusiasts. Over the years, Comic-Con has grown to be a huge four-day event that features exclusive panels, seminars, screenings and exhibitions from a wide range of genres.

Are you getting ready to propose – spending a lot of time browsing engagement rings and wedding rings for her and thinking of the perfect way to pop the question? As you start to look toward the new year and plan a personal and meaningful proposal, think outside the box. If the two of you love comics, sci-fi or pop culture and would be in your element dressed up as your favorite characters, why not consider proposing at Comic-Con? Comic-Con 2015 isn’t until next July, so you would have plenty of time to plan, and pre-registration just opened this month.

For inspiration, watch this video of a Dr. Who fan who spent two months building a life-size replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to propose to his girlfriend. He wrote, “Will you marry me?” on the top panel of the police box (and she said, “Yes!”).


Here are a few costume ideas if you are thinking about proposing at Comic-Con:

Batman and Catwoman

Create a bat signal (some DIY ideas here) in advance, and reach out to event organizers to find a time when you could take advantage of a darkened room to put it to use (for example, before one of the smaller screenings you attend). Enlist the help of friends to turn on the signal when the two of you are together. Move her toward the beam of the light, and get down on one knee when you reach it.

Han Solo and Princess Leia

This is one of sci-fi’s quintessential love stories, and she won’t be able to resist such a dashing rebel. Build a replica of the Death Star out of papier-mâché or something similar, and hide the engagement ring in a box at the very center of the layers. Recruit a group of friends to dress up like the other main characters from Return of the Jedi – Luke, Chewbacca, Ewoks, Lando, etc. – and stage a scene where you destroy the Death Star, making sure that Princess Leia is the one to uncover the ring box.

Superman and Wonder Woman

When proposing at Comic-Con, it’s all about the grand gestures and elaborate scenarios. Take a page from the Dr. Who fan and create an elaborate life-size replica of Superman’s phone booth. Go in as Clark Kent, and come out as Superman… with a diamond engagement ring for his Wonder Woman.

Have you ever thought about proposing at Comic-Con? How would you do it?

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