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Best Places to Propose in Colorado Springs

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose
best places to propose in Colorado Springs

Are you and your partner the adventurous type? Or just a fan of spectacular views? Are you also looking for the perfect place to propose? Then look no further than Colorado Springs! Here, you’ll be able to enjoy rock climbing, hiking trails, and rafting all while you’re taking in the views of the beautiful mountains. Ready to take your sweetheart on the ride of their life? Then check out this list of the best places to propose in Colorado Springs.

10 Best Places To Propose In Colorado Springs

1. By Air

Have I mentioned how beautiful this city is? The views are amazing on the ground, but they’re absolutely breathtaking from above. Imagine looking out at the mountains during your own private helicopter, airplane, or hot air balloon ride. It’s just you, your love, and all nature has to offer. If you’ve always wanted a grand and intimate proposal, this might be the best option for you.

2. Rock Climbing

If you and your sweetheart enjoy an adrenaline rush, you should try rock climbing in Colorado Springs. This city is home to some of the most challenging rock formations in the world, and you can make this as easy or as challenging as you want. If you’ve always wanted to catch your partner completely off guard with a proposal, this might be the perfect opportunity. Presenting your sweetheart with one of our trio ring sets will surely get that look of surprise you’ve always wanted!

3. By Train

Colorado Springs has a ton of scenic railroad trips that will show you the best of what this city has to offer. Is your partner a history buff? There’s a trip that will take you through all the mountain communities and transport you back to the gold mining days. There’s another trip that will take you to the summit of Pike’s Peak (America’s Mountain). There, you’ll see tons of canyons and wildlife.

4. Food Tour

Not into all the outdoor activities? No worries! Colorado Springs has a lot more to offer. If you and your sweetheart are foodies, than this option is for you. Take your partner on the Colorado Springs Food Tour! You’ll be able to sample food and drinks from the city’s best restaurants while learning about the city’s history and culture, which is what makes this tour one of the best places to propose.

5. Overlooking Garden Of The Gods Park

Take a trip to the Garden of the Gods Park at sunrise or sunset (either time of day will be breathtaking) and enjoy the magnificent, natural structures that are the red rock formations standing tall in the Colorado skyline. When you arrive at the location, park in a small lot off of Mesa Road (also referred to by locals as the Mesa Overlook) for a view of the Garden Of Gods Park with Pikes Peak peaking (pun intended) out from behind the red rock formations. This park is home to the famous Kissing Camels rock formation (appropriate for a romantic proposal backdrop). When you present your partner with their diamond engagement ring, the Garden Of The Gods Park views will not be able to match up to it’s brilliance and beauty!

6. Train Ride Through Royal Gorge

Take a ride on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, enjoy a delightful dinner (as if you were in a scene from the movies White Christmas or The Polar Express) and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride through the Royal Gorge. As you enjoy your meal, take out the little red ring box that hold the solitaire diamond engagement ring you have selected, and ask them to marry you!

7. Hike the Manitou Incline

For those who love a challenge, take a hike up the Manitou Incline! You will not only get a good workout in for the day, but will also reach the peak of the summit, and have the perfect background for a wedding proposal! At an elevation of 2,000 feet, your adrenaline will be pumping and your excitement will be unmatched!

8. Pikes Peak

For those who love beautiful views, take a hike up Pikes Peak and enjoy the views of Colorado. You can hike the Barr Trail, take a bike ride up the Pikes Peak Highway, or drive the Pikes Peak Highway to make your way to the viewing point, where you will feel inspired to get down on one knee and propose!

9. Rent an Air B&B or Stay at a Rustic Cabin

Enjoy a weekend away in Colorado Springs by renting an Air B&B or staying in a local cabin that is quintessential to the local architecture and style. Explore the variety of nature-inspired outings and take a moment to have an intimate proposal back at your rustic room.

10. The Broadroom Seven Falls

You will be in awe of the rushing waterfalls as you stand beneath them and propose to the love of your life. The Broadroom Seven Falls is commonly referenced as “the grandest mile of scenery in Colorado,” with the melodic sounds of nature as your soundtrack.

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