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What’s Your Bridal Ring Set Style?

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Your wedding rings are an extension of your personality and your style. Think about your personal style for a minute. How would you describe it: traditional, glamorous, understated, or vintage? Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Some people’s clothing style aligns perfectly with their ring style, but sometimes they’re different! Maybe you usually dress more conservatively but find yourself drawn to more glamorous rings.

Don’t know your ring style? It’s simple to figure out. Just think: is there a trend in the rings you feel drawn toward? Maybe every ring you love just happens to have a solitaire diamond head with a simple band. If that’s true, you’re probably drawn to classic-looking wedding rings. Let’s take a look at four different wedding ring styles as well as some bridal ring sets that fit the description.

1. Classic and Traditional

These are the diamond engagement rings you’ll often see described as “timeless”–and for good reason. For example, the ultimate traditional ring is a slender band with a single, round, solitaire diamond. That type of ring will never go out of style. But just because these rings are considered classic doesn’t mean they can’t have a little flair! If you want to mix things up, try a princess cut diamond or even a three-stone ring. Both of these styles give you a little more oomph but still maintain that classic elegance.

2. Glamorous

If simple is just not your style, you might be looking for a bridal ring set with more bling and sparkle. After all, you only (hopefully!) get to choose these rings once. Why not go all out? Glamorous rings are those that are going to stop passers-by dead in their tracks from the glare off all your diamonds. The best thing about these captivating rings is that they aren’t confined to any one type of ring. For instance, look at this princess solitaire ring. It resembles a classic style, but 1 1/5 CT. diamond and the accent beads and diamonds put it over the top!

3. Understated

Do you not want anything too flashy? Do you care very much about the look or size of your ring? If not, you might lean toward an understated sense of style. It’s possible you may even think of the ring simply as a symbol of your commitment and nothing more. Instead of a traditional engagement ring, you could just opt to wear a simple wedding band. Or,if you wanted just the tiniest bit of sparkle, you might look at something like this simple but beautiful 1/10 CT. diamond engagement ring.

4. Vintage

Maybe you’ve always been obsessed with trends and styles from the past. Vintage rings are a trend right now, but like traditional rings, they never seem to go out of style. These rings tend to have beautifully crafted intricate details that distinguish it from other bridal ring sets. One popular trend for this season, halo diamond engagement rings, is actually a vintage styling since it’s reminiscent of rings from the past.

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