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3 Creative Ways to Propose This Spring

creative ways to propose this springI’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: spring is the absolute perfect time to get engaged. It’s the time of year everyone begins to feel freer and happier -- winter is gone and summer is just around the corner. Since the weather is getting warmer, you’re going to actually enjoy being outside just in time for all the vibrant flowers to bloom. Let those blooming flowers symbolize your blossoming relationship and soon-to-be marriage. Want to propose this spring, but not sure how? I’ve rounded up some creative ways to propose for you!

1. Picnic

Is there anything that screams spring more than a picnic? As soon as the weather warms up, go in search for the best spot you can find. Check the parks, school campuses, and gardens. You want to find the most picturesque spot possible to get on one knee. For an extra dose of ambiance, choose to have your picnic at a time of day when the birds will be chirping. Cook your sweetheart’s favorite foods beforehand and then surprise her with the picnic idea one weekend. After you two eat, present her with a princess cut engagement ring and ask her to be your wife.

2. Marathon

If you and your love are active runners, consider running in a marathon this spring. Or, if you’re not runners, suggest trying to start a daily running and walking routine with your partner so you can both work up to a 5K. You can either sign up for a local marathon or use the marathon as an excuse to go somewhere you’ve both always wanted to visit. If you’re doing a local race, you can have your families at the finish line waiting for you and the proposal. Once you and your partner reach the end, smile and ask her to spend the rest of your life with you!

3. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming up soon, and Easter egg hunts present a perfect opportunity for a creative and fun proposal. You’ll have to do some coordinating on your end to pull this off. One idea is to coordinate a family-wide Easter egg hunt and let your family in on the secret. If the eggs you are hiding are fake, put the engagement ring in the fake egg. Instead of actually hiding the egg somewhere, put the ring in your pocket. (After all, we don’t want someone else to find that sparkling princess cut engagement ring!) Then, get far enough away from her to drop it, tell her you found one, and give it to her to open. If you use real eggs, just securely tie the ring to the egg and use the same plan.

Do you have any creative ways to propose that are ideal for spring?

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