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3 Fall Wedding Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
Tips for proposing on thanksgiving

As you see the leaves start to change color, you might be thinking that it’s time for a change in your life as well. Fall is a wonderful time of year to propose. The temperatures are dropping slightly to get to that perfect crisp weather, and the holiday season is fast approaching. Have you been waiting for this time of year to propose but aren’t quite sure how you want to do it yet? Don’t worry! We have three great fall wedding proposal ideas to share.

1. Pumpkin Proposals

It’s pumpkin season! Autumn pumpkin carving provides a unique opportunity to propose in a creative way. Buy two pumpkins, one for you and one for your spouse-to-be. On your pumpkin, carve out “marry me?” or something similar. Be very secretive about what you’re carving on your pumpkin so that your significant other becomes increasingly interested. When you’re ready, present the carved pumpkin to her/him in a grand fashion. Then get down on one knee and present the love of your life with a diamond cluster ring.

2. Leaves

The color-changing leaves of fall is always a beautiful sight to behold. Yet, someone still needs to rake them up after they’ve fallen. The abundance of orange, red, and yellow leaves on the ground presents a few different proposal opportunities. First, you can try to casually start a leaf fight with your loved one, then end it with a romantic proposal. You can also rake the leaves into a heart and propose in the center, or you could rake them into a “marry me?” question.

3. Hayride

If you and your sweetheart aren’t allergic to hay, a hayride might present the perfect moment for you to propose. This idea is a flexible, too. You could take a ride to look at the changing fall scenery or take a haunted one at night (if you and your partner are fans of spooky scenes). You can even arrange to have a private hayride set up just for you two.

Stay tuned for more proposal ideas coming soon! (You’ll have to wait until October for the Halloween proposal ideas.)

Make sure you have your sparkling diamond cluster ring ready.

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