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Trends in Same-Sex Wedding Traditions


We are excited to expand My Trio Rings’ selection of options for same-sex wedding band sets and offer helpful planning tips for couples. We recently came across the first-ever same-sex wedding survey, and the results caught our attention. This survey, which was conducted by TheKnot.com and The Advocate, has determined current trends in same-sex weddings, as well as the different ways gay couples are integrating existing marriage traditions into their ceremonies. Here are a few highlights and statistics from this survey:

1. Proposals

Same-sex couples are not as likely to have a formal proposal as straight couples. 91% of heterosexual couples experience a “traditional, down-on-one-knee question-popping” (presumably with a traditional engagement ring), as opposed to only 58% of same-sex couples. Of the gay and lesbian couples who reported a formal proposal, “16% opted for the down-on-one-knee approach, while 14% chose to get more creative.”

2. Wedding Planning

Only 19% of straight couples split wedding planning duties equally, but a striking 55% of same-sex couples equally split the responsibilities. Another impressive statistic: 86% of same sex couples funded their own wedding as opposed to 40% of straight couples.

3. Wedding Traditions

Same-sex couples are not as likely to have a family member escort them down the aisle, and they are not as likely to include religious vows. Same-sex couples are much more likely than straight couples to have their ceremony officiated by a justice of the peace.

4. Honeymoons 

Gay and lesbian couples are not as likely as straight couples to go on a honeymoon; however, if a same sex couple does go on a honeymoon, they reportedly spend double what a straight couple spends. 

You can read this article in full here

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