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Best Places for a Destination Wedding


Planning on having a romantic wedding far from home? Check out this list of best places for a destination wedding before making a decision.


Coastal Maine

This is perfect for a couple who wants a destination wedding but also wants something a little different. You can exchange matching wedding bands on a 19th-century tall ship out on the Atlantic, or you can tie the knot somewhere like Bar Harbor with the weathered coast and deep blue waters behind you.


If you want a beautiful beach destination wedding and you don’t want to worry about traveling internationally, Hawaii is the place for you. Even if you don’t necessarily want a beach wedding, some of the islands, like The Big Island (which is the largest island in the chain) have a variety of topographies, from volcanoes to mountains.


This would be an ideal location for a couple who would like to get married near the mountains. Whether it’s winter, fall, summer, or spring, the Rockies are always camera and wedding-ready. Aspen has become a popular wedding destination lately as well as Tabernash, an eco-friendly resort.


The Caribbean

The Caribbean has been one of the best places for a destination wedding for years. All of the Caribbean islands have stunning turquoise waters and soft sand beaches, and there are plenty of islands to choose from like Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, and the Dominican Republic.


Ireland is a land of immense history, which adds a certain charm to it as a wedding destination. With its misty green hills, it would be perfect for a large outdoor wedding. It also has those centuries-old castles if you plan on having an authentic fairy-tale wedding.


If you’re looking at tying the knot somewhere in Asia, Thailand might be the perfect place. Thailand is often described as magical, and why not with all its breathtaking beaches, emerald coves, and fascinating culture. A wedding here can truly be whatever you want it to be!

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