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Best Places to Propose in Tucson

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose
best-places-to-propose-in-tucson, Arizona

Gentlemen (and ladies), whether you already live in Arizona, or whether you are simply looking for a memorable destination proposal location, Tucson is an excellent place to consider popping the question. Recently, Redbox actually rated Tucson as one of the least romantic cities, based on a relative lack of romantic movie rentals. But regardless of what people are popping in their DVD players, romance is alive and well in Arizona, with plenty
of lovely –and unconventional – proposal spots for the picking.

Best Places to Propose in Tucson

1. In the Desert

If you are looking for romance, look no further than Tucson’s Lodge onthe Desert,a beautiful hotel and restaurant nestled in the desert and landscaped withnative plants. An outdoor dining area
under the stars features a four-sidedfireplace for year-round dining and proposal comfort. So bring an affordablesolitaire engagement ring, enjoy some steamed yam masa tamales
or one of theother delicious contemporary fusion cuisine dishes, and pop the question overdessert.

2. At a Shrine

Downtown Tucson features the site of a legendary love triangle andcrime scene, now a shrine where wishes are said to come true. The WishingShrine is
a place where you can light a candle to grant your wish, or perhaps it wouldbe more direct to pull an affordable solitaire engagement ring out of yourpocket and propose right then and there. For additional romance, bring a largecandle to light together
and make a wish for your future together.

3. On the Road

For a private proposal on your own schedule, hop into the car at duskor whenever it fits into your evening plans. Near the intersection of SkylineDrive and Campbell Avenue, take a leisurely drive to lookover the glow of the city lights in the midst of
the desert. Drive by theglittering valley before you find a quiet place to pull over and ask for her hand.

Get the right ring and propose today!

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