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Creative Proposal Ideas for Valentine's Day





This Valentine's Day, don't think roses -- think rings! There is still time to buy a diamond cluster engagement ring if you want to propose this year on Valentine's Day. Whether you decide to buy a single engagement ring or a trio wedding ring set that includes an engagement ring, start coming up with your creative proposal ideas now. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 Creative Proposal Ideas

1. Buy a dozen roses for your girlfriend. Tie the roses with a ribbon, and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto the ribbon as you tie the bow. When she takes the flowers from you, she should brush the ring with her fingers.

2. Turn a casual coffee date into something more by hiding a diamond cluster engagement ring on the saucer under the cup when you carry her coffee from the counter to the table. She will see the ring when she lifts the mug to take a sip. Consider getting the barista involved by requesting a heart-shaped swirl of steamed milk, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce.

3. Give her a book for Valentine's Day. Before you wrap her gift, cut some of the pages out, and tape the ring inside. When she opens the book to flip through politely, she will find the diamond cluster engagement ring hiding inside!

4. Create a treasure hunt with clues that will remind her of special memories that the two of you share. When she reads the final clue, follow her to where you have hidden the engagement ring, and get down on one knee to propose to her.

5. Arrange a night of dinner and dancing. Request a special song from the DJ. When the love song that you requested is played, take her left hand and slip a diamond cluster engagement ring onto her ring finger while the two of you are dancing.

What are your creative proposal ideas?

Photo credit: Corey Ann

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