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Affordable Wedding Rings Don’t Have to Match

On a Budget Wedding Rings
A coordinating trio wedding ring set can save you a great deal of money, but what if you and your bride-to-be don’t share the same taste in jewelry? What if she wants something extravagant and romantic, and you are a keep-it-simple kind of guy? Don’t worry. You can still get affordable wedding rings, even if you don’t purchase them together as a trio wedding ring set.
Choose a more ornamental bridal ring set for your girlfriend with a coordinating engagement ring and wedding band that fits her style (and your budget). Then browse the more simple wedding band options for your own ring, and choose a basic style that will look good with anything.

Consider, for example, a 10 K white gold wedding band with 1/4 Carat of diamonds lined up along the band. It is a very simple ring with a solid band of white gold and a straight line of diamonds. Purchased separately, it costs $305.99. It is plain and simple, and it could match a wide variety of other rings, from a romantic floral set of affordable wedding rings for $713.99 to a bridal ring set featuring more modern lines for $397.99 to a simple modest ring set for $285.99.

There is a variety of simple men’s affordable wedding rings to choose from. The rings with more simple lines, such as a straight band of diamonds, are more likely to look good with a wider variety of ladies rings. More simple men’s wedding bands include rings such as a 14 K white gold band with 1/4 Carat of diamonds in a straight line for $407.99. If you prefer yellow gold, you might like a 14 K yellow gold band nestled with a straight line of 1/5 Carat of diamonds surrounding the middle of the band for $397.99. Now all you need to agree on is whether you should both wear the same color gold!

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