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5 Ways to Weatherproof Budget Weddings

Inspiration On a Budget

With all of the extreme tropical weather (and earthquakes!) in the United States over the last few weeks, thousands of weddings have been disrupted or postponed. One problem with these recent weather patterns is that making last-minute plans often derails budget weddings with large, unexpected expenses. According to CNN.com, the average American wedding already costs over $25,000, and a huge percentage of that tab is composed of sunk costs that will be lost if the wedding does not occur on the day it is planned for.

There are some venues that offer wedding insurance for a fee, to help recoup costs in case of a tropical storm or other unexpected problem. However, many of the costs of a wedding are paid outright for perishable goods. Brides and grooms who are affected by tropical weather may lose money on flowers or food – and then might need to purchase those items again at a later date if they postpone their wedding. Often, a performer or venue will still charge even if the wedding did not occur. Budget weddings can’t withstand that kind of last-minute expense. In some cases, the alternative might be to have a room full of beautiful flowers and a table full of delicious food, but very few guests to enjoy it, if weather conditions make travel difficult.

So what are the savvy bride and groom to do? Here are 5 strategies:

1. Avoid hurricane season. Although you can’t plan for an earthquake, you can absolutely schedule your wedding outside of hurricane season, which conveniently also avoids the expensive peak wedding season. This is helpful if you are planning a wedding on a budget.

2. Explore cancellation and insurance policies. Find out the cancellation / postponing policy for the wedding venue and all of your vendors as you are planning a wedding on a budget. Be certain that you are comfortable with those policies in case of a natural disaster or other problem. If any offer an insurance policy, consider purchasing it if the terms are acceptable to you.

3. Weatherproof your honeymoon as best you can. Beyond budget weddings, severe weather can also disrupt honeymoon travel plans. You may wish to purchase travel insurance policies or plan travel for a time of the year when tropical weather is unlikely.

4. Have a backup plan in mind before disaster strikes. If you are flexible and already have a plan B in mind, then you are less likely to have to pay a premium for last-minute changes.

5. Keep your wedding simple. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, avoid elaborate perishable flower arrangements, for example. Choose a venue that will not need such expensive decorations that will go to waste if you need to change your plans.

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