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Budget Wedding Tips from the Movie “Bridesmaids”


In addition to delivering laughs by the minute, the recent comedy “Bridesmaids” can also offer up some budget wedding tips for the discerning bride. For most of the movie – which stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Rose Byrne – audiences get a healthy dose of what-not-to-do moments, from an impromptu bachelorette trip to Vegas to an over-the-top wedding shower complete with puppies for party favors. The underlying message beneath the comedy, though, is that simple is almost always best, and that a wedding that stretches beyond a bride’s budget is a recipe for disaster. Here are a few budget wedding tips that can be gleaned from the hilarious missteps of “Bridesmaids”:

1. Keep it local.

Annie, the maid of honor in this movie, organizes a planning lunch for the bridesmaids and selects an authentic Brazilian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. Sidestepping a country club or upscale brunch location for a local eatery is a great way to save money and also support local businesses during your budget wedding. Yes, the entire bridal party experienced a bout of food poisoning, but checking out a place before a special event can help prevent any last-minute surprises.

2. Go handmade.

For the wedding shower in “Bridesmaids,” the unlucky maid of honor has the wonderful idea of creating a French-themed event in honor of the bride’s love of France. Envisioning handwritten place cards, small Eiffel Tower party favors, and a few special French foods, Annie has just the right idea for creating a simple but meaningful event. But when her idea is hijacked and taken to the next level, with chocolate fountains, live horses, and a plane ticket to France, it completely overwhelms the poor bride. Remember that for a budget wedding, those handmade touches can really make an event magical.

3. Scale back.

When Annie and the other bridesmaids visit a couture bridal shop, Annie checks out all the price tags before gravitating to the simplest, cheapest dress. While her nemesis selects an $800 frilled extravagance, Annie’s selection is not only more budget-friendly, but is also much more beautiful. Scaling back can often produce surprisingly elegant simplicity.

Next time you watch a marriage-oriented movie, pay attention to see what budget wedding tips you can gather!

Photo Credit: Corey Ann


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