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Tips for Personalizing Your Budget Wedding

Inspiration On a Budget Weddings

budget-wedding-ring-pillowSuccessfully planning a wedding on a budget is all about prioritizing. In order to stick to your budget wedding plan, you will want to decide what parts of the wedding you most want to spend your hard-earned money on, as well as where you can economize. Some couples worry that a budget wedding will be less personal, since they have less money to spend on extras. However, by deciding what matters most to you as a couple, you are actually creating a wedding that is influenced more by your individuality than by popular wedding trends.

Be certain to allow a little wiggle room in your wedding budget for some personal touches. Pick an inexpensive diamond cluster ring set that truly reflects your personalities. Select a creative wedding venue that is meaningful to both of you. And consider small homemade touches that show your guests who you are as a couple. Etsy.com is a website that sells a wide variety of handmade treasures made by talented individuals. On Etsy, you can choose beautiful and inexpensive items to give your budget wedding a personal flair. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wedding Ring Pillows

Ask your ring bearer to carry your diamond cluster ring on a custom-made pillow that reflects your family background or your personal style. For an old-fashioned wedding, how about a vintage lace pillow? You might like a simple burlap pillow to coordinate with your chosen color scheme at your green wedding. Or search for a pillow that celebrates your ethnic background, such as a sari-inspired ring pillow.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Forget the molded plastic wedding cake toppers, and opt for a more personal option. Consider custom-painted (yet inexpensive) wooden figures that are designed to look like you and your spouse-to-be. If you have decided to opt for a tower of wedding cupcakes instead of a more traditional wedding cake, you might want to choose cute paper cupcake toppers to insert into the cupcakes. Or you might prefer to choose cake toppers that match your wedding location or theme, such as a pair of lovebirds or a pair of lobsters for a beach-themed wedding.

How do you plan on personalizing your wedding while sticking to your budget? Share your creative ideas in the comments!


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