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4 Creative Wedding Venues


creative-wedding-venueWhen you are planning a wedding on a budget, you probably want to avoid country clubs or pricey wedding packages at expensive resorts as possible locations for your wedding. Getting married in a church is generally affordable, depending on the church, but some couples want to plan something more unconventional. Fortunately, there are many creative wedding venues for the budget-minded bride and groom, if you are willing to shop around. In general, the more you are willing to do yourself, the more money you can save. Here are four affordable, out-of-the-ordinary venues to consider:

1. Parks

Many municipal, state, and national parks offer excellent prices on facility rentals, especially if youโ€™re willing to ask friends to help you set up for the big day. Plan an outdoor wedding beside a beautiful vista, and rent the adjoining picnic shelter for a nontraditional reception after the reception, such as a barbecue. Some parks also have cabins or lodges that could be a creative wedding venue option for an indoor wedding.

2. Gardens

Getting married at a botanical garden or a garden associated with a historic home is an excellent way to save money on decoration and flowers, since the flowers growing in the garden create a beautiful, pre-decorated venue for a wedding. Simply purchase a bridal bouquet that coordinates with the flowers that are in season at the garden, and you will be all set. Some colleges and universities also have gardens that might be available for wedding use. Consider renting a big tent for an outdoor reception.

3. Waterfronts

Waterfront locations are very popular as creative wedding venues. If getting married by the water is a priority for you, steer clear of fancy waterfront hotels or expensive wedding cruises. Instead, ask around about area parks that border a body of water or more secluded public beaches. You may also want to consider renting a pier that juts out into the water. For a smaller wedding, a reception at a favorite seafood restaurant within walking distance might be the perfect fit.

4. Backyards

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, having a wedding at home may be just the thing to keep costs down. Instead of paying a rental fee, use that money to spruce up your house and lawn. Clean up the yard and get creative with landscaping. Plant bushes, bulbs, and perennials to decorate for the wedding, cut down on your florist bill, and enjoy for years to come. If you choose this option, you will want to start planning the landscaping as soon as possible to make certain that the plants are well established before the big day. You may wish to choose the date for your wedding based on when your favorite flowers will be in bloom.

What are other creative wedding venues that you would recommend?


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