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4 Reasons to Choose Real Diamonds

Diamond Dialect Wedding Rings

diamondsIn today’s shaky economy, it is tempting to sacrifice quality in order to save money, even when it comes to weddings. Many couples searching for gold and diamond wedding bands consider purchasing fake diamond jewelry, since it is significantly cheaper than even discount wedding ring sets made from real diamonds. But despite these savings, it does not make sense to start a life together with jewelry that will not last a lifetime. And that is not the only reason why the smart couple chooses real diamonds. Here are four reasons why:

1. Diamonds are stronger than cubic zirconia.

A cubic zirconia ring is much more likely than a real diamond ring to be damaged by everyday mishaps such as bumping into a wall while carrying a moving box or having your ring gnawed on by a teething baby. Since clumsy moments are unavoidable for many of us, having jewelry than can weather such blows brings peace of mind.

2. Diamonds shine from every angle.

Cubic zirconia rings can look dull when looked at from different angles. They also can have coloration or a shine that looks different from the brilliance of a real diamond. This difference makes it obvious to knowledgeable observers that the stone is not real. Cubic zirconia rings are also more likely to get cloudy or discolored than gold and diamond wedding bands that are properly cared for.

3. Diamonds are considered to symbolize a lifetime commitment.

Some people think it is bad luck to get married without a genuine diamond ring to seal the deal. It may be a superstition, but it makes sense that people are leery of representing their lifelong bond with jewelry that may not last as long as their relationship. If the wedding rings won’t last, will the marriage?

4. Diamonds are a good investment.

Unlike costume jewelry, high quality real diamonds have historically gained value over time. And although you are unlikely to sell your wedding ring to profit from this gained value, it is nice to know that the keepsake you may pass on to your grandchildren will have more than just sentimental value. And with a little polishing, that family heirloom will look as good as new.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to save money on gold and diamond wedding bands, such as buying a diamond cluster ring rather than a diamond solitaire, or purchasing discount wedding ring sets online. Real diamond rings can fit into any budget with careful planning and comparison shopping.


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