Best Places to Propose in Hamilton, Ohio

Posted by My Trio Rings on 4th Apr 2012

Best Places to Propose in Hamilton, Ohio

Who knew that Hamilton, Ohio, was one of the most popular places in the U.S. to propose? As part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area in Southwestern Ohio, the historically industrial city of Hamilton is known as "The City of Sculpture" as it works to revitalize itself through the arts. 


Where to Propose in Hamilton, Ohio


Though it may not be as well known as nearby Cincinnati, Hamilton is a great town in which to carry out your creative proposal idea -- if you know where to look, that is1 Here are a few of the coolest places to propose in Hamilton, OH:


1. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

This park is one of the most beautiful highlights Hamilton has to offer. When the weather is nice, take your loved one on a walk (you have 265 acres to cover!) and admire the variety of sculptures scattered across the landscape. A particularly unique feature of the park is the 10,000 square foot Ancient Sculpture Museum that displays Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan sculpture. Pyramid Hill's ultimate goal is to be the only art park in the world to represent the complete history of sculpture of mankind, and it's well on its way. Scout out the grounds in advance to find a sculpture that represents your relationship with your bride-to-be. When you come back with your partner by your side, present them with a solitaire engagement ring and share why you chose this sculpture as your romantic backdrop. This will be the perfect outdoor proposal in Hamilton, OH.

2. Holiday Auto Theatre 

What could be more romantic than watching a drive-in movie with your sweetheart? Drive-in theaters are hard to come by nowadays, which will make the experience at the Holiday Auto Theatre all the more exciting. Choose a romantic film or a lighthearted comedy, something that you know they'll enjoy. Pay a $5.00 fee to bring in your own food, or stop by the Refreshment Center and buy some popcorn and their favorite kind of candy. Cuddle up during the movie, and as the credits roll, surprise them by popping the question. When you tell the story of your engagement later, you'll receive a lot of compliments for your creative proposal idea!

3. Hanover Winery 

An unexpected find in Hamilton is the Hanover Winery, which produces more than 20 award wining wines on site, and holds wine tastings and community events on their beautiful grounds. Choose an event -- such as an outdoor concert -- from the schedule on the winery's website. Bring a blanket and picnic, and pick up a bottle of wine in the tasting room. As the sun sets, present your lady with a diamond engagement ring that will sparkle with the fading rays of light.

If you wish to keep your proposal low-key, perhaps order a bottle of wine from the Hanover winery in preparation for an intimate picnic in the park, an evening at home, or a backyard dinner party. This will allow you to indulge and enjoy the company of the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

4. Flub's Dari-Ette 

If your loved one is a kid at heart, consider this creative proposal idea: asking for the love of your life's hand in marriage at this old-style ice cream shop. Flub's Dari-Ette has been serving up frozen treats for more than 40 years, including soft-serve cones, slushies, and cyclones (with delicious names like "Mike's Chocolaty Marshmallow"). Imagine their surprise when your partner reaches for their order and turns around to find you on one knee!

5. Hamilton Oktoberfest 

The Oktoberfest celebration in Hamilton is more than 45 years old. It's held by the Liberty Home Association, a German club that brings authenticity to the annual event. Enjoy the freshly made bratwurst, sauerkraut, and other German foods (make sure to bring some breath mints!) and sample the liberally flowing beer. Once you surprise your lady with a diamond wedding ring, you can celebrate by sharing your news with the multi-generational partygoers and dancing to live music. Prost!


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