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The Love Knot

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Trio Wedding Ring Set: Matching engagement ring, ladies band and men's band by My Trio Rings.

The Tied Together Collection for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about the L.O.V.E.! As an ode to a diamond a tribute to Nat King Cole’s iconic “L.O.V.E.”:

L is for the luster you show me.

O is for the oval diamonds I see.

V is very very extraordinary.

E is even more than anyone could adore.

And with a day specifically dedicated to you and the one you love, what better time to plan on spending the rest of your lives together?

A memory like proposing on arguably the most romantic day of the year deserves a ring the encompasses the significance of the occasion. The meaning behind the Tied Together collection’s overall design is representative of two individuals joining together in matrimony with intricate rope details and delicate diamond connecting the two strands.

Revel in the Warmth of Rose Gold Trio Ring Sets by My Trio Rings. shop Rose Gold Trio rings sets.


This collection of timeless engagement rings and matching trio ring styles is guaranteed to bring a tear to their eye!

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold:

The pinky hues of rose gold combine the tradition of gold with the warmth and romance of a dozen roses. Also referred to as Pink Gold, rose gold is timeless and captures the rosey tones of the diamonds to create a firey sparkle. The Evermore Collection in Rose Gold is delicate in it’s beauty, and romantic in it’s warmth.

Rose gold, rope accents:

If you are looking for tradition with a twist, mixing metals is a unique way to incorporate a special detail to the ring’s design. For example, a white gold ring detailed with rose gold, rope detailing along the sides adds an intimate element of intrigue.

the colors of love _two tone wedding rings by my trio ringsHearts:

A heart – the quintessential symbol of love! There are several ways to incorporate hearts into your rings:

  • heart shaped diamonds
  • heart shaped diamond clusters
  • gold heart engraving
  • gold heart shapes in the body of the ring
Amanda McClendon ring selfie of the Ardored Collection bridal set by My Trio Rings

Tied Together Collection Ardored Trio Ring Set by My Trio Rings

Trilogy (three-stone) rings:

Three-stone engagement rings, better known as Trilogy engagement rings, are extremely sentimental. Each stone represents the three overarching stages of your relationship. Going from left to right, the three diamonds symbolize learning from the past, living in the present, and looking forward to the future.

Diamond halos:

There is nothing more romantic than a halo of diamonds to bring out the sparkle in your eye. The delicate shimmer surrounding the glistening diamond center-stone is the perfect accent.

… and when you combine a three-stone engagement ring with three diamond halos, you have BLISS!



Triology Trio Ring Sets by My Trio Rings
The Knot that Ties us Together: The Tied Together Collection. Shop Tied Together by My Trio Rings.
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