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Phillip & Tamara Warren

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Phillip & Tamara - My Trio Rings Couple Story

Phillip & Tamara’s story began in 2016 – two people working at the same company, came into each other’s lives in the blink of an eye. The simplicity of passing by someone on any given day does not typically leave a lasting impression, but for Phillip & Tamara, those were the moments that brought them closer to finding each other.

Phillip & Tamara

They started as passer-by’s in 2016, exchanging cordial greetings and subtly flirting. These standard interactions had left a far greater impression on them than they had expected. So much so that one day, Phillip took matter in his own hands, literally! While walking through a stairwell in the building they work, they were about to be two ships in the night – passing by one another once more – when, as they drew closer, Phillip reached for her left hand, looked to find that her ring finger was not adorned with an engagement ring, and declared, “I’ve still got time!”

Phillip and Tamara - My Trio Rings Couple Story


My heart was lassoed at that point. That moment was when I really couldn’t stop thinking about him. – Tamara

After two years of cordial hello’s and slowly getting to know each other, they decided to take a leap and go on their first date in 2018. It took two dates, and what would end up being their last-first kiss, for them to realize they had found someone special.

I took the track shoes off because I knew I  didn’t have to chase anymore. Jut hold her hand and walk slow, and I’d be happy. – Phillip

About Phillip & Tamara

Phillip and Tamara Working at Binson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies

Phillip and Tamara Working at Binson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies

Co-workers. Parents. Essential Workers. These two are the definition of a power couple!

Phillip & Tamara are essential workers for Binson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies. Tamara runs the shipping department and Phillip is a Bio Med Technician. They have been working hard during the COVID-19 quarantine to help provide the necessary medical equipment during these unprecedented times. Not only has the Coronavirus altered the state of their careers, but, similarly to other couples who sent out their “save the dates”, it has also effected their wedding plans for Memorial Day Weekend of 2020.

The Proposal

Their children are the most important parts of their lives, and it was only appropriate for Phillip to include his and her children in his proposal for marriage!

Phillip will often bring Tamara flowers at the the end of the day (yes, he is a true gentleman!), so it was not out of the ordinary for him to make such a gesture of love. However, he wanted this expression of his love for her to be a bit more symbolic of their blending families embracing one another. Each of their children presented a rose to Tamara as a blessing of their marriage. With each rose, it became clear that this was no ordinary flower exchange. Finally, Phillip presented her with the final rose, and a rose gold engagement ring in the perfect at-home proposal.

The Wedding

In preparation for their big day, they started to search for Phillip’s matching rose gold men’s wedding band, as it was important to him that he match with Tamara

She loves rose gold, and anything she loves, I love, so it was an easy decision on the style I would choose. – Phillip

As he search online for the perfect rose gold wedding band, he and Tamara kept coming back to the same conclusion of where they would be purchasing from – My Trio Rings!

After their original order was delayed as a result of crafting facilities adhering to the shelter-in-place orders, we were able to collaborate with Phillip & Tamara to find a rose gold wedding band, in-stock, and in his finger size to be shipped and delivered for their wedding day!

The date was set for Memorial Day Weekend of 2020, Phillip & Tamara were to be married in front of their family and friends, celebrating in the joyous occasion of a wedding reception.

At Home Wedding - Phillip and Tarama Couple Story

Photography by Michelle Lynn @whereismichelle313

COVID-19 would no stop them from becoming husband and wife on the day they had dreamed of getting married. Life is too short, and love is too important to allow an admittedly significant bump in the road stop your from marrying the one you love!

Love waits for nothing! – Tamara

At Home Wedding - Phillip and Tamara Couple Story

Photography by Michelle Lynn @whereismichelle313

So Phillip & Tamara made the decision to hold a Zoom wedding on the day they had originally planned, and will celebrate their nuptials at a later date!

Phillip and Tamara at home wedding reception

Photography by Michelle Lynn @whereismichelle313

When speaking with these two, their love for one another is clear. They are two individuals truly deserving of happiness, and we wish them nothing but the best as they spend the rest of their lives together. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two, and look forward to the day when they celebrate their wedding with their loved ones.

Phillip and Tamara Couple Story

Photography by Michelle Lynn @whereismichelle313

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