Online Layaway Program: My Trio Rings VS ShaneCo

Posted by Kayla Bray on 23rd Feb 2024

Online Layaway Program: My Trio Rings VS ShaneCo
A Layaway Payment Plan is a payment method that allows a customer to set an affordable payment schedule when making a purchase and balance finances. The most important part of a layaway plan is having the ability to manage it yourself without fear of additional financial obligations, such as fees or interest rates. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences of one jeweler's layaway plan compared to another's. In this post, we will be discussing the differences between My Trio Ring's Layaway Plan and ShaneCo.'s.
My Trio Rings Online Layaway Program  ShaneCo Layaway Program
Lock in low prices with online layaway ✔️
Layaway Calculator ✔️
Online layaway manager ✔️
Flexible payment schedule options ✔️ ✔️
No fees, interest, contracts, credit checks, or applications ✔️ ✔️
Deposit 0% (10-50% optional) 10%

Lock in low prices with online layaway

When you set up a layaway plan, you begin to make payments towards at a set price. Even though you've not paid in full, you've still locked in a price that cannot be increased in the event of price increases, however you can always price-match to a lower offered price if the item goes on sale while you are paying towards it. This means that you get the benefit of the lowest price the rings are offered at during the 1-6 months you are paying it off!

Layaway Calculator Our online  layaway calculator allows you to explore no-fee layaway plan options available within your budget. This helps you define your budget, choose a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly payment plan and the appropriate number of payments, within the designated time period you have set.

Weddings are expensive and often come with many different costs. As a couple planning for your big day, we offer the ability to share your plan calculations to with your partner to help you plan a schedule that fits your budget and your priorities! Online Layaway Manager Digital Layaways Our proprietary online layaway manager allows you to manage your payment schedule on the go! Having this flexibility is imperative for hard working, modern couples who have a number of financial responsibilities to juggle. The options we provide are:
  • You can change the card you will be paying with. If you would prefer your purchase be paced on your rewards credit card instead of taken out of your checking account, or vise versa, you can seamlessly change your cards.
  • Change individual payment dates - short for tomorrows payment? Reschedule a single payment to another date without disrupting the plan!
  • Need to pay off your rings soon? Make one time payments or use Co-pay to let your closest family members chip in towards a memorable gift!
  • Change of heart & like another style? Request an update to the ring style you're paying towards!
With full access to you online layaway manager on mobile, you have the ability to adjust your payment schedule according to your needs, and successfully complete your layaway plan without constantly needing clarity!

Flexible Payment schedule options

Having the opportunity to choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plans alleviates the stress of making your payments. Both My Trio Rings & ShaneCo. offer these schedule options.

No fees, interest, contracts, credit checks, or deposit required

Layaway plans offer the benefit of making payments over time without incurring interest like credit cards or store credit-lines. Both ShaneCo and My Trio Rings offer layaway plans without a fee however differ on deposit requirements. Perhaps you're ready to set up your plan but your bi-weekly paycheck is next Thursday? My Trio Rings requires no deposit to start your plan, however with ShaneCo. requires 10%. This is something we discovered only after configuring a desired plan in checkout while reviewing the layaway terms & conditions. The terms & conditions state "A minimum deposit, based upon the total price of your order, is due when the merchandise is put into layaway." My Trio Rings layaway terms are clearly shared on our main Layaway Page.
Setting up a layaway plan for your wedding rings is a financially responsible way to get the rings you have been searching for, while having the freedom to manage your payments to fit your ideal weekly, bi-weekly or monthly budget. With that being said, it is important to read the details and parameters of the layaway programs you have to choose from. If a website does not explain the layaway program terms, clearly and concisely, this is a red flag, and will lead to more unanswered questions down the road. Anyone can read up on the terms of My Trio Ring's Layaway Program located next to the layaway calculator!