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How to Shop In-Store for Budget Wedding Rings this Thanksgiving


In-Store Checklist

It’s that time of year again. Food, family, football and Black Friday frenzy are around the corner! There’s so much to love about Thanksgiving, and it’s coming up fast.

If you’re planning on making an important purchase for a certain big milestone this Thanksgiving (ahem, romantic proposal or wedding), now is is an excellent time to take advantage of holiday sales even if the event is in the coming months! Many jewelry stores will be holding Thanksgiving weekend specials on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you could find gorgeous matching his and hers trio ring sets or engagement rings on sale for a fraction of their normal price.


To get the best deal this Thanksgiving weekend, it’s smart to do your homework before you hit the stores and start your ring buying quest. With four generations of expertise in this industry, we’ve had some time to take notes and develop a few expert tips for holiday ring shopping. After you’ve had a chance to browse through stores to get a feeling for what you like, head on over to our online buying checklist to learn how modern couples are saving thousands by buying risk free online!


Set a budget:

  • When you go to any retailer, one of their first questions will be “what’s your budget?” This is an important piece of information the associate needs which lets them work for you by balancing your budget based on your favorite diamond shape, metal type and color, and ring style.

Find out what ring size you need to purchase:

  • This is very important for general-wear purposes! A ring that is not properly sized will forever be a nuisance.


Find the ring style you like:

Provide a picture example or have them show you styles similar to your favorite style. Once you’ve found the dream ring, make sure the jeweler can craft it in your favorite gold color, or metal type, and can set your favorite diamond shape within your budget.

Read reviews:

This allows you to better understand the experience of shopping in-store, the sales associates you may be working with, a cost range to anticipate, and the quality of the rings.

Review the jeweler’s policies:

Especially during the holiday season, retailers change their return policies and warranties, therefore if you are unhappy with your rings, make sure you return or exchange them within the designated dates.

Do they offer affordable payment options?

Be cautious when signing up for a credit card, as there are high interest rates applied. If they offer alternative payment options such as layaway, it is recommended that you choose that over financing a credit card.

Are they having a sale?

Don’t be afraid to ask when their next sale will be. However, a sale on wedding rings more than 50% tells you that the rings have been marked up to be marked down.

Try on the rings, or see them on someone’s hand:

Jewelers put the rings away for security purposes… don’t be afraid to ask to try it on again to make sure it feels comfortable on your finger, or that you like the proportions of the ring on hand.

Get pictures or videos of the rings on hand:

A friendly jeweler will let you take pictures of the rings in-store. However, if they do not, ask the sales associate to send you an email with the detailed specifications about the rings, the 4C’s of the diamonds within your price range, pricing, and visuals of the rings.

Does the retailer sell natural or lab grown diamonds?

Make sure the retailer denotes on the certificate of authenticity that the diamonds are either natural or lab grown.

Balance the 4Cs:

  • The two most important factors to consider in choosing a diamond is color and clarity for a visibly beautiful diamond. When comparing diamonds side by side, ask yourself: does this diamond bring light to my life? Trust us, it helps you make a decision!


  • Merchants have to pay a credit card fee, ask if you can pay with check or cash for less. Also, retailers are more willing to negotiate on the price of a setting rather than the stone which has much smaller margins. If you are buying multiple rings in one store, ask for a discount for buying all three with them rather than negotiating with another jeweler.

Have questions? Click the red chat button on the bottom right of your screen and say hello!

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