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Best Places to Propose in Philadelphia

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose

This post ispart of the My Trio Rings Precious Places series, which introduces you to thebest places to propose around the country.

Philadelphia is a beautifulcity where old meets new. From winding historic walks to gorgeous gardens, aperson with an eye for the romantic can find many special places to propose.

3 of the BestPlaces to Propose in Philadelphia

1. At a Museum

Do you want to propose in Europewithout paying for plane fares? On the second floor of the Philadelphia Museumof Art
, go to theEuropean art gallery. In the middle of that gallery, you will find a dimly litroom. The room features a rebuilt cloister that has elements from the medievalFrench building the Abbey of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines. The cloisteroffers a quiet, romantic setting for an unforgettable, European-style proposalin any weather.

2. Over Chocolate

Are you unsure about how to best surprise your bride-to-be with adiamond cluster engagement ring? Appeal to both her sweet tooth and herromantic side with a guided Philadelphiachocolate tour.Wander
the historic streets of
Philadelphiaand duck into hidden cafes and chocolate shops. Decide for yourself where thebest places to propose are along the way. Just don’t forget to give her thediamond course in between chocolate tastings!

3. Among the Flowers

Is she more of an outdoor woman? Head to one of Philadelphia’s most beautiful spots, theChanticleer pleasure garden.From
the meandering waterfalls of
Bell’s RunCreek to the stately Ruin and
Garden to the lush bower of the Cut Flower and
Garden,this historic garden estate certainly features some of the best places topropose in the greater

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