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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

Best Places to Propose in Santa Fe

by Kelly Smith on Oct 17 in Proposal

Whether you live in New Mexico or are looking for a romantic weekend getaway to propose, Santa Fe is an excellent choice. Are you ready to propose in this city of history and romance?

Best Places to Propose

1. Over Breakfast

Many of us think about proposals over expensive Italian dinners or giant slabs of late-night cheesecake. But there is also a great deal of romance in a morning proposal, when the day is fresh and new and brimming with possibility. If an early morning proposal sounds just right, then one of the best places to propose in Santa Fe for you may be the popular Café Pasqual’s. Indulge in Maga’s Cheese Blintzes with strawberry jam or the Chile Relleno con Huevos Y Frijoles Negros Y Salsa or the Smoked Trout Hash before you pull out an inexpensive engagement ring and pop the question.

2. On the Road

One of the best places to propose in Santa Fe for you may literally be driving around, enjoying the scenery, and pulling over spontaneously when you find the right place to pull out an inexpensive engagement ring. Or perhaps you want to take your love to explore the cobbled streets of Canyon Road, lined with adobe style buildings, galleries, amazing restaurants, boutiques, and shady gardens to enjoy and explore together.

3. In the Mountains

For a truly decadent proposal, escape from the city and head 10 minutes away to the mountains, where you will find the Ten Thousand Waves spa. You choose one of the best places to propose – is it in a private hot tub bath or during a Master’s massage? Whatever you decide, the Ten Thousand Waves Spa is a wonderful place to get away from it all and indulge in pampering – and proposing.

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Photo credit: adventurejournalist

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About the author

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, recent brain surgery survivor, and wannabe
chicken farmer in Jackson, Mississippi. She has bachelor's and master's degrees in English.
She planned her own budget outdoor wedding five years ago at a state park in Florida, on the
waterfront of a natural spring. She wishes that she had known more about budget weddings back
when she was planning hers, because she comes up with new ideas all the time that she wishes
she had incorporated into her own wedding plans! In addition to saving money, Kelly's passions
are reading, writing, parenting, planning, traveling, and living an environmentally friendly life.