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How My Trio Rings Does Customized Rings Better

by Gillian Burgess Friday, 29 April 2016 Wedding Rings

It’s a good day when our customers are head-over-heels in love with their rings. And we’ve found that this happens a whole lot more often when people have the power to design their own engagement and wedding rings. Instead of searching for what they want in a limited inventory, they create customized ring sets that meet their exact style and specifications.




But what makes My Trio Rings different from other wedding jewelry retailers? We’re not the only company to offer customized rings – but we’re proud to offer more affordable, beautifully made options than our competitors. Couples who design their rings at My Trio Rings want to spend their hard-earned paychecks wisely, but they also don’t want to compromise on quality or craftsmanship. Here’s how we do customization better:

We have cluster and solitaire settings

Other retailers with customized engagement rings only offer solitaire settings. My Trio Rings’ Create Your Own tool has a beautiful selection of round-cut and princess-cut solitaire heads to choose from, but we also provide more affordable cluster head options. Cluster engagement rings combine many smaller diamonds for a big visual impact at a lower price than solitaire rings.

We offer customized ring sets

Buying trio sets – featuring matching wedding bands and an engagement ring – is far less expensive than purchasing each ring separately. You have omplete control to design your ideal trio ring sets online.

Our customized ring sets are just as affordable as our other rings

According to The Knot, the average engagement ring costs $5,978. And this high price point is apparent when you start browsing the customized ring options of our competitors. You may have a limited choice of more affordable custom engagement rings, but most will set you back several thousand dollars (just for one ring). My Trio Rings, on the other hand, has an impressive selection of custom trio ring sets for under $2,000 or even $1,000. Our customized ring sets are the same price as our other rings; you can create your own design without an extra markup.

See what our customers have to say about the customizable ring sets they bought:


1/2 Carat Trio Set in White Gold



"The rings are better than advertised. Everyone that has seen them has asked where we got them." - Gabriel R.

"I'm absolutely in love with this set! I love the matching his and hers band. My husband would love it as well because the mens ring has diamonds but is still masculine. I also love the center stone in the engagement ring. Everything is so beautiful!" - Lia G.

"I am absolutely in love with this set! The set is simple yet elegant. I like the single cut diamond shape on the ladies ring. The price is amazing too! Three rings for under $1,100?" - Stefanie L.


1 1/6 Carat Trio Set in White Gold




"Omg the rings are beautiful! My fiancé and I were surprised at how nice they were going to be. We were sceptical at buying the rings online but the prices were great. Sometimes they say if it's too good to be true it's not worth it. This was one purchase that was so worth it!" - Jenifer H.

"Absolutely beautiful!!! Everything I expected." - Ebony W.

"My husband and I love our rings. They are perfect. We had them engraved and they did an amazing job. The fit was on point thanks." - Jennifer P.


1 2/3 Carat Trio Set in Yellow Gold




"My husband and I absolutely LOVE our rings! We were hesitant in the beginning to purchase from an online store because we didn't have the option to see the rings in person, but we took a chance and I must say we are very happy we did. The rings looked great online and look 10 times better in person." - Sherlana W.

"Both the wedding ring and the engagement ring looks 50 times better in person." - Camerin P.

"Love my ring. Thanks so much for the professionalism!" - Shalise W.

1/3 Carat Trio Set in White Gold




"We love our rings! We loved the affordable layaway plan as it worked for our budget. Thank you for offering beautiful wedding sets that anybody can afford!!! We will be referring you to all our friends!" - Charity W.

"These rings are gorgeous and easy to resize." - Nhi N.



Best Places to Propose in Manhattan

by Kelly Smith Friday, 22 April 2016 Proposal

If you live in New York City, the world is truly your oyster. You have practically any type of cuisine or activity right at your fingertips at all times.




But while a wealth of shopping, dining and entertainment options is exciting, it can also be challenging when you’re trying to make an important decision… like where to plan your perfect romantic proposal. You may have endless possibilities, but what would be most special for you two? What would be a moment you’d love to tell friends about and relive for years to come?

Here are two scenarios, set in arguably the best places to propose in Manhattan, that are sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

Scenario 1


Make a beeline for the Empire State Building, that iconic landmark of the city, at sunset. Yes, yes, some cynics may call it cheesy, but it is the proposal spot perfect for hopeless romantics. And who doesn’t love the Empire State Building’s pivotal role in movie classics, An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle (if you didn’t melt a little when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan finally meet at the top, then you’re made of stone). Make sure you buy advance tickets to the top deck, so you can skip the line.





Once at the top, admire the view and wait for the right moment. Get down on one knee, and propose with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. If you want to continue the movie romance experience, celebrate your engagement afterwards at such Manhattan film classics as Gray’s Papaya (Fools Rush In), Café Lalo (You’ve Got Mail), or Serendipity (Serendipity).

Scenario 2


Visit the tiny French bistro La Bonne Soupe. Order the fixed price meal for two, and enjoy decadent French food in an intimate atmosphere, topped with French wine and rich chocolate mousse. During your meal, reminisce about special times you have shared and what makes you so great together.

When you’ve finished your meal, hold hands on the short stroll to Central Park, one of the best places to propose in Manhattan. Take a horse and carriage ride around the park. As the driver guides the horses along the meandering paths, pill out your diamond engagement ring and ask her to share her life with you.




Or take a cue from real-life couple Aaron and Elle, friends since they were teenagers, who got engaged in Central Park. The two met on a school trip when they were just 13 years old, and after Aaron helped Elle through a difficult time, they became best friends.




Aaron fell in love with Elle’s ability to love completely and wholeheartedly, and they started dating. When he realized he also loved her with all his heart and wanted to marry her, he planned a romantic proposal set on a beautiful day in Central Park. She said “yes” and the next chapter in their love story is just beginning.  






Proposal pictures and story sponsored by Paparazzi Proposals

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How to Customize Rings & Save Thousands

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 21 April 2016 Wedding Rings

When you visualize custom-designed rings, you probably imagine the kind of outrageously expensive rings only accessible to the likes of celebrities (Kim Kardashian) or royalty (Kate Middleton).

But My Trio Rings offers customers the unique, personalized experience of custom designing your engagement and wedding rings, while keeping our prices as affordable as always.




In short, this is how it works:

  • We curate a selection of high-quality diamond heads and women’s and men’s wedding bands (in 10K and 14K white and yellow gold)
  • You use our interactive Create Your Own online tool to experiment with different looks that suit your style and your budget. If you’re not sure what you want yet, you can play around with thousands of variations to find your perfect fit. 
  • You build a matching trio ring set – a diamond engagement ring, a women’s wedding band and a men’s wedding band – and get immediate detailed information on your set’s appearance, specifications and price. 
  • If you have questions at any point, you can get assistance from our helpful customer service representatives. 
  • When you are ready to buy, you receive an additional 5% for creating a trio ring set – and if you compare your final price to those of our pre-designed rings, you’ll see that they’re very similar. If you were to create custom-designed rings with a traditional jeweler, you could expect to pay up to three times the “off-the-rack” price, according to The Knot. That’s thousands of dollars more! Plus, all of our standard policies still apply to custom ring sets – from our layaway plan to our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

So those are the basics. But how does our Create Your Own ring set tool really work? Let’s walk through it, step by step (and follow along with our quick video).

Go to the Create Your Own page to start designing your customized ring sets.

Diamond Heads


Browse through the 20 different diamond heads available, and take your time exploring each one. When you click on each head, the detailed image instantly updates to show you exactly what the ring will look like. It’s perfect if you’re not sure if you like the look of a solitaire with a princess-cut or round-cut diamond, or if you can’t decide among the different cluster heads.




Women’s Rings


Once you’ve selected the head you want, click Next to select the women’s engagement ring and wedding band. You can compare what your setting looks like in 10K or 14K white or yellow gold. You are also able to choose from a huge selection of ring styles.

For example, see what the heart-shaped cluster head looks like on a delicate engagement ring featuring round-cut accent diamonds, paired with a simple complementary diamond wedding band. Then try out a totally different style, and decide what best suits you. At any point during this process, you can go back to Step 1 and choose a new diamond head.





Men’s Ring


When you’ve designed a bridal set you love, click Next to move on to the men’s wedding band. Choose from classic white or yellow gold bands (some plain, some set with diamonds) that complete your perfect trio ring set. When you add a men’s wedding band to the bridal set, you automatically receive a 5% discount.




And at this point in the design process, you can see all the details about the rings you’ve chosen. Click View Details under the bridal set or the men’s wedding ring to go to the product page, which will tell you everything you want to know: ring width, number of diamonds, diamond weight (carats), setting type and ring fit. You can also read customer reviews, plus more about our certificates of authenticity30-day satisfaction guarantee and payment plans.

Are you ready to explore your Create Your Own options and design your perfect rings? Check out a few of our favorite designs, then get started!

1/2 CT. 10 K White Gold Matching Trio Set




1 3/4 CT. 14K White Gold Matching Trio Set 





2/3 CT. 14K White Gold Matching Trio Ring Set






Convince Your Better Half

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 19 April 2016 Informational

7 reasons to buy matching ring sets online

Need help building a case for why you should get matching ring sets from My Trio Rings? Here are a few helpful pointers to nudge your partner to a yes!


Wedding planning sticker shock: the struggle is real. It's tough feeling stuck between your dream wedding and your real-life budget and priorities. But buying matching ring sets online allows you to have your cake and eat it too. We cut out the high markups and extra costs most jewelry stores tack on. So buy those perfect diamond rings you love - and still be able to keep that nest egg or save for that down payment or splurge on that honeymoon.


There's a reason "a cubic zirconia is forever" never quite caught on. There's no replacement for real diamonds. All of our matching ring sets contain certified authentic, naturally mined, conflict-free diamonds that will keep their sparkle for a lifetime.


When people look at the two of you, they can see at a glance you're meant to be together. Our matching ring sets are the same: they're designed to complement each other perfectly, and they reflect your one-of-a-kind match.


Think of all of the ways you'd love to spend a Saturday afternoon together. Is one of them trekking from store to store, looking at hundreds of rings and trying to make a decision without bickering? Throw in a pushy salesperson and an astronomical price tag, and you have a pretty tempting proposition. Or you could save yourself a lot of hassle and buy matching ring sets online. Get help from our experts and find exactly what you want in one go - with zero stressful trips to the jewelry store.

Bragging rights

Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store means you naturally have a more limited selection than you do online. We design all of our rings in-house, which means you can customize your ring sets to fit your exact style and specifications. Not that it's a competition, but think of the smug satisfaction you'll get showing off your amazing ring sets, and knowing what a great deal you got.

Payment options

Whether it's our No-Fee Layaway Plan or 0% financing through BillMeLater, My Trio Rings will not only save you money but also help you pay off your purchase over time.

Better color, better clarity, better prices.

Compare our selection to any other jeweler, and you'll see that no one offers better value for the same color and clarity of diamond and gold wedding rings. Four generations of expertise are pretty handy when it comes to helping customers save big!

Is a Diamond Halo Ring Right for You?

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 29 March 2016 Informational

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