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Tips for Planning a Wedding Last Minute: Little Details, Part 1

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 26 August 2014 Informational

customizable engagement rings, his and her wedding bands Planning a wedding can be extremely time consuming and stressful, and planning a wedding on a time crunch multiplies the time commitment and stress level immensely. But you don’t have to do it alone. I love wedding planning, so I’m here to help! I’ve already given you some tips for picking a venue, choosing a wedding dress, and selecting his and her wedding bands, but now it’s time to talk about all those pesky little details you need to take care of before the big day. Ready to get to work? Let’s get to work!

1. Pay the Bills

Hopefully throughout the wedding planning process, you’ve been keeping an accurate total of what you owe and to whom you owe it. If not, you need to make a spreadsheet stat. You shouldn’t be stressed about money on your wedding day, so take care of all your final payments before then. Here’s another helpful idea: when you give a vendor a payment, have them sign something saying they received it. This way, you have proof if one says they weren’t paid.

2. Check in with the Vendors

The week of your wedding, you need to call all of your vendors and make sure everything is ready to go. Make sure they have the correct address for the ceremony and the reception. You also want to make sure they have a few different people’s contact information--just in case your point person can’t answer the phone at the moment when they call.

3. Ring Cleaning

Here’s a small detail that can go a long way: the week before your wedding, take your engagement ring and your wedding bands to get cleaned. Trust me, you’re going to want everyone to see the full brilliance of your rings on your wedding day. And don’t forget about your partner! If he or she has one of our customizable engagement rings or a wedding band, take those to get cleaned as well.

4. Talk to Your Photographer

Do you have specific ideas for photographs? Then you need to tell the person taking the photos! Don’t expect the photographer to read your mind. Write down a list of your ideas ahead of time. You also need to write down which groups of people you’d like photographed so that you won’t forget anyone. Get this to the photographer the morning of the wedding.

5. Appoint a Coordinator

You should be relaxed on your wedding day. You need to be able to take the time to take everything in and enjoy yourself--after all, you (hopefully!) only get to do this once. You don’t need to be worrying about the caterer getting there on time or the ring bearer having your his and her wedding bands. Instead, the only thing you should be concerned with is getting down that aisle! That’s why it’s a good idea if you appoint a day-of coordinator. (If you have a wedding planner, then you’ve already got this covered.) Make sure to choose someone that’s organized and that you trust--this is the person that’s going to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. Give all your vendors his or her contact information so you don’t have to answer calls about flower deliveries while you’re sipping champagne and getting ready.

There are still more things that need to be done, so stay tuned for my next set of tips! Be sure to let me know if you’re having a last minute wedding in the comments.

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Jewelry Store

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 21 August 2014 Informational

customizable engagement rings, his and her rings, online jewelry store Making a large purchase online can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be! If you know and trust who you’re buying with, making a big purchase online can be a lot easier than making one in-store, especially when it comes to jewelry like customizable engagement rings. For example, when you customize a ring online, you can see exactly how the finished product would look--a perk that isn’t possible at a brick-and-mortar store. However, not all online jewelry stores were created equal. That means you’ll need to do some research, and we’re here to help. After you’ve found the online jewelry store you’d like to buy from, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How established is the jeweler, and what are their credentials?

You should get to know a little bit about the business you’re going to be buying from. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Plus, starting a relationship with a retailer might prove useful when you’re ready to buy your his and her wedding bands or even a 10 year anniversary present.

2. Can they help you find what you’re looking for?

You should figure out how easy it is to contact them and how good they are at customer service. One way to do this is through referrals or customer reviews. For an online jewelry store, you can also do a test run on live chat, phone, or email to test their knowledge and customer service skills.

3. What types of jewelry do they offer?

Different retailers specialize in different things. For example, one of the things we’re passionate about are his and her wedding bands and My Trio Rings’ sets. We love matching rings, but we also know that all of our customers might not. That’s why we also offer a variety of products ranging from customizable engagement rings to promise rings.

4. Do they offer a warranty and certificates of authenticity?

This is a big one. Would you ever buy a brand new TV without knowing that it’s 100% real? What about buying it without a warranty? Probably not. That’s why certificates of authenticity and warranties are so important. If you buy with us, you’ll get a certificate with every ring you buy that states the gold and diamond content of each ring. Each ring also comes with a one year warranty--it’s our promise to you that you’re getting the best quality products we have.

5. If you don’t like it, can you return it?

No matter how hard an online jewelry store might try, it’s possible that your rings might not look the same to you in person as they did online. If that happens, you’ll probably want to return your rings. Save yourself a massive headache later and make sure your online jewelry store has a return policy before you buy.

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3 High-Tech Proposal and Wedding Trends

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 19 August 2014 Informational

customizable engagement rings, bridal ring sets, wedding trends Have you been keeping up with the latest engagement and wedding trends? If not, no problem! I keep up with what’s going on in the industry, so I can bring that knowledge to you; for example, trends for bridal ring sets. Lately, there are new technologies and fads that brides and grooms are integrating into the engagement and wedding experience, such as using social media during weddings. Have you heard of any of these latest engagement and wedding trends? 

1. Ring Cam

Do you want to capture the exact moment of your engagement while also keeping it an intimate moment? Ring Cam allows you to record every smile and tear on your own, without the help of a videographer. It is a specially made engagement ring box that has a video camera inside of it. The ring box looks completely normal, and since you’re the only one who knows the camera is there, you can catch your love’s completely surprised reaction when you present her with one of our customizable engagement rings. You can buy a Ring Cam for around $200 or rent one for $100.

2. Bouquet Cam

One creative couple came up with a genius way to record their wedding: through a small camera in the bride’s bouquet. This allowed the couple to get shots of guests faces as the bride walked down the aisle and close ups of them as they exchanged rings. This isn’t something you can buy ready-made, but you can buy a tiny camera and attach it to your own bouquet.

3. GIFs

Have you heard of a photographer named Jeffrey Lewis Bennett? He stitches consecutive engagement and/or wedding photos together to create a GIF, and the results are simply amazing. What makes these more special than a traditional photo shoot or wedding video? Bennett says, "I believe the best GIFs communicate the feeling of the infinite. Like how a great kiss can feel like it's lasting a lifetime while the rest of the world spins on outside of your private moment." Take a look at some of these and see if you agree.

Wedding trends come and go, but these three seem like they could stick around for a while. As technology advances, people are finding new ways to capture their special moments and share them with others. Do you think you would use any of the above techniques?

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Tips for Planning a Wedding Last Minute: Ring Edition

by Kirsten Clark Thursday, 14 August 2014 Informational

wedding ring sets, planning a wedding, customizable engagement rings It’s time for another installment in my last-minute tips for planning a wedding series! Have you already read my posts about choosing a venue and a wedding dress? Good!

It’s time to move on to another important aspect: your wedding rings! From the engagement ring (like our new customizable engagement rings) to the bands, wedding ring sets serve an important purpose. They’re the outward facing symbol of your love and commitment to each other. It's no easy task to choose rings that you not only adore but that also perfectly symbolize your love. And when you add a time crunch on top of that, it can really be challenging! That’s why I’m here to help with these tips:

1. Know Your Budget

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: money. Some of us have more of it than others. Luckily, wedding ring sets are available at all different price points. Figuring out how much you would like to spend on wedding rings upfront will prevent you from looking at rings you can’t afford. Figure out your number and only look at rings below that price point.

2. Know Your Ring Size

Your ring size is the next thing you need to figure out. You can walk into any jewelry store and have this done. Here’s how you know when you’ve found the perfect ring size: your ring feels comfortable, but it’s a little hard to get off. That way, you can wear your ring without any discomfort without having to worry about it slipping off your finger. It should just fit over the largest part of your finger. Remember: you’re looking for a nice, snug fit. Fun fact: your finger is largest at night, so it would be best to get it measured later in the day. To measure your ring size at home, you can print out a ring sizer guide here.

3. Figure Out What You Like

Now that you know your budget and your ring size, you can start the fun part of the process! Maybe you’re one of those people who has always known what type(s) of rings you want. If so, skip to the next tip. If not, it’s time to start looking. There are a lot of decisions you’ll need to make: white gold or yellow gold? Solitaire or cluster? The list goes on. Do some research, and decide on the basics. Once you know what you’re generally looking for, you can scope out your options!

4. Buy a Set

Here’s another helpful hint: instead of buying your rings separately, buy a set! Wedding rings sets make this important purchase much simpler. They usually come at a lower cost, and, if you’re a fan of matching wedding bands, you can easily get a set that matches. If you really want to cross wedding rings off your list, you can buy a set with all three rings--something we like to call a My Trio Rings Set. Wedding rings sets come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that has the design you’ve been searching for.

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3 Customizable Bridal Ring Sets

by Kirsten Clark Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Wedding Rings

customizable engagement rings, customizable bridal ring sets Are you one of those people who worries about finding the perfect wedding band to go with your dream engagement ring? We have a solution: our bridal ring sets. Instead of buying your rings separately, why don’t you buy them together? Getting them as a set ensures that they’ll complement each other flawlessly. Not only can you buy your rings as a set, you can also customize them to your specifications! Last week, I wrote about how you can create your dream engagement ring using our customizable engagement rings feature, but this week I want to highlight some of the bridal ring sets you can create through this new feature.

1 1/10 CT. Bridal Ring Set

For this set, I chose a medium, princess clusterhead for the main stone. Once it gave me a list of the bridal ring sets that can be customized with that head, I picked this bridal ring set. I love the intricate detailing on the bands, and I especially love how the engagement ring will sit nicely above the wedding band because of the groove the band has. These rings have a whopping total of 54 sparkling diamonds! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

3/4 CT. Bridal Ring Set

Next, I experimented with a small, round solitaire head and loved the look of this 3/4 CT. set. The bands on this set are a little thicker, and I am especially fond of the diagonal pattern on both the bands for the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Between these two rings, you’ll be wearing 32 diamonds on your finger. This is another set that can be designed in either 10K or 14K gold, as well as white gold or yellow gold.

7/8 CT. Bridal Ring Set

The last set I looked at was with a medium, princess solitaire head. This 7/8 CT bridal ring set immediately caught my eye because of the baguette cut diamonds on the bands. Often, diamonds on the bands are round cut, so this design stood out among the rest. I especially love how the look with the solitaire princess head! This set is available in both yellow gold and white gold, and you can also choose between 10K gold and 14K gold.

Ready to create your own? Follow these steps:

1. Click the “view customizable rings” button on the top right of the page you’re on.

2. Choose your stone cut.

3. Choose the size of your stone.

4. Then, you’ll get a list of all our pre-existing rings that match your desired stone cut and size. From there, search the list and find the one you like.

5. After you’ve found a ring you like, you can click on it and select which type of gold you want.

Ready to try your hand at jewelry design? Head on over to our pages for customizable engagement rings and bridal ring sets now.


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