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Summer Sale! 4 Trio Ring Sets We Love

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 11 June 2015 Informational

trio-ring-sets If you and your sweetheart are planning a summer wedding, it’s probably a whirlwind of activity right about now as you settle all the last details. The good news is that one of those decisions is about to get a lot easier! My Trio Rings is having a summer sale, offering huge savings on our already affordable ring sets. Our specials run until a set is sold out or until the end of the month, whichever comes first! 

Here are just a few of our favorite trio ring sets that are on sale:

The Center of Attention

2 CT. T.W. Diamond Trio Ring Set in 14K White Gold

This his and hers matching ring set makes a big splash with a modern design and 2 carats in total. The wide wedding bands complement one another, and each is set with six round-cut diamonds. But the real eye-catcher is the engagement ring, which features a striking princess-cut solitaire stone and four round-cut side stones.


A Modern Classic

3/8 Carat T.W. Diamond Trio Ring Set in 10K White Gold

This trio ring set combines contemporary and classic styles for a unique design. It features an engagement ring with a gorgeous halo setting and 27 diamonds, plus elegant wedding bands set with round-cut diamonds.


Retro Style 

1 3/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Trio Ring Set in 14K Yellow Gold

This affordable ring set has more than a little bit of classic glitz and glamour, showcasing 81 round-cut diamonds. The engagement ring has a stunning cluster head, and the matching wedding bands stand out with angled geometric shapes and round-cut channel stones.

Fresh Cut

1 Carat Diamond Trio Ring Set in 14K White Gold

This his and hers matching ring set is both dramatic and delicate, featuring an engagement ring with a sparkling flower head and sleek wedding bands with round-cut side stones.


Browse the affordable ring sets in our summer sale

Places to Propose in Fort Lauderdale

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 09 June 2015 Proposal

places-to-propose-fort-lauderdale Boasting a year-round average temperature of 77 degrees and 3,000 hours of annual sunshine, Fort Lauderdale is perfect for a tropical getaway…. without going too far from home.

Take advantage of the area’s sunny beaches and open spaces and plan an unforgettable romantic proposal. Here are a few of the best places to propose in Fort Lauderdale.

International Romance

Reserve a quiet table at Casa d’Angelo Ristorante, a sophisticated Italian restaurant with a fresh seasonal menu and an extensive wine list, and propose on a moonlit walk through the canals after dinner. Or opt for the cozy patio at Cafe de Paris for a traditional French meal, and ask the pianist to play your song as you present her with a diamond engagement ring.

Out on the Water

Since Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of waterfront property, heading out on a boat gives you access to some of the best places to propose in the area. Rent kayaks or canoes at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a 180-acre space on a barrier island, and take a leisurely tour of the coastal dune lakes. Pack a picnic and pop the question over lunch on the beach.

Or explore Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as the “Venice of America” and take the Jungle Queen Riverboat tour through some of the area’s 300 navigable waterways. Find a quiet moment alone overlooking the water to ask her to marry you.

Or for the true Venetian-inspired experience, book a private tour with the Las Olas Gondola for your romantic proposal. The two of you will enjoy a slow cruise through the canals, and it includes a rose and a personalized engagement message in a bottle to present at just the right moment.

Hollywood Glamour

Just south of Fort Lauderdale lies Hollywood Beach. Walk along the 2.5-mile 1920s boardwalk, and enjoy a seafood dinner at one of the many restaurants along the water. Catch a free outdoor concert or movie, and propose with a diamond engagement ring under the stars.

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5 Steps for a Stress-Free Wedding Week

by Gillian Burgess Thursday, 04 June 2015 Informational

stress-free-wedding-week The countdown is on, and you’re just a few days from getting hitched. This is the time in wedding planning that is equal parts exciting and stressful. You can almost kick back, celebrate and enjoy your party, but you still have so many things to do.

With everything going on, it’s easy to get tied up in tension and frustration just before you get married - but that’s probably not how you want to mark this important milestone in your life. Here are a few simple and practical tips to help you keep your sanity and create a happy, stress-free wedding week.

1. Recognize that it’s OK to stop caring about things.

You will probably have at least one moment during this last week where you throw up your hands in exasperation and say, “You know what? Screw it; it doesn’t really matter.” This is OK - healthy even! So you discovered that the 150 programs you ordered have a glaring typo on the first page. Big deal. Or the flowers were underordered by about half. Meh. Embrace these moments of apathy because, really, these things don’t matter in the long run. .

2. Write up a wedding weekend itinerary.

Capture all those pesky wedding planning details running through your head and put them down on paper. Make a bulleted list of everything that needs to happen each day, big and small, and cut out unnecessary items. Mark who is in charge of each task, and delegate as much as you can to your wedding planner or trusted friends and family.

3. Accept that your itinerary will not go as planned.

That said, your carefully crafted plan will inevitably shift in real life. Cross your fingers, be flexible, and try to roll with the changes.

4. Get enough sleep.

Taking care of yourself and getting enough rest can fall by the wayside during the last few days before your wedding, but it’s essential for a stress-free wedding week. Scrap something from your to-do list if necessary, and go to bed at a decent hour. You’d hate to be a zombie on your wedding day or get sick right before your honeymoon.

5. Take some time alone together.

When things start to get crazy, sneak away as a couple for a few quiet moments. Grab an ice cream cone or a coffee - just the two of you - and remember exactly why you’re celebrating.

Get more stress-free wedding planning tips 


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Last-Minute Honeymoon Ideas for a Summer Wedding

by Gillian Burgess Tuesday, 02 June 2015 Honey Moon

grand-teton-national-park So you’ve had a lot on your plate lately, what with planning a wedding down to the last detail, from the perfect his and hers matching ring set to the best reception playlist.

But in that whirlwind of activity, you didn’t get around to one small detail: planning your honeymoon. Now, as your wedding date approaches, you’re starting to get a little nervous, worrying about high-season airfares and sold-out accommodations.

Relax. You still have time for planning your honeymoon. In some cases, procrastinating can actually pay off when you are able to snag some last-minute deals.

To get you started - and excited about your romantic trip - here are a few last-minute honeymoon ideas that won’t deplete your budget or add to your stress.

Look for last-minute travel deals

It’s counterintuitive, but sometimes you can find excellent airfares, cruise packages and hotel room rates when you wait to book until just before your trip. You will have to be willing to be flexible and play a bit of travel roulette, however; you might not find the Costa Rican resort vacation you had your heart set on, but you could find a great deal on a stay in Istanbul instead.

Keep an open mind, and search these websites for last-minute honeymoon ideas:

  • TravelZoo: airfare, hotels, cruises, spas and more
  • Vacations to Go: cruises discounted up to 82%
  • Groupon: flight, hotel and activity packages
  • Costco Travel (for members): vacation packages, hotels cruises and theme parks  
  • Priceline (name your bid): hotels, flights and rental cars 

Consider the off season

Think creatively about where you’d like to spend your honeymoon, and explore travel destinations that are not in season in summer. For example, look at mountain ski resorts that offer horseback riding, spa treatments and nature hikes in the summer. You’ll often find good rates for places when tourists aren’t flocking there in high season.

Stay local

Don’t underestimate the romantic destinations that are right in your backyard! Research places you could drive to within a few hours - from state parks and mountain getaways to seaside villages and charming small towns. Follow your interests, whether the two of you enjoy wine tasting or cycling or camping. 

Have you already found your his and hers ring set? Browse our collection of wedding rings.


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4 Creative Summer Proposal Ideas

by Gillian Burgess Wednesday, 27 May 2015 Proposal

summer-fair Looking for the perfect opportunity to pop the question this summer? The season is already starting to heat up, so now is a good time to make plans for your romantic proposal.

Make a moment to remember with one of these sweet summer proposal ideas.

At the Fair

There is something timelessly romantic about going on a date to the state or county fair. Go in the evening, when it’s not as hot outside, and do all of the activities she loves. Speed around in bumper cars, eat cotton candy and hold hands on all the roller coasters. Pick a simple but heartfelt moment to propose. Wait until you reach the very top of the Ferris wheel, with a view of the whole fair, and ask her to marry you. Or play a game to win her a giant stuffed animal, then hand it to her along with a diamond engagement ring.

Nighttime Stroll

If the two of you love being active in the great outdoors together, use nature as the perfect backdrop for your romantic proposal. Head out on a night hike close to home, bringing flashlights, a few blankets and a romantic surprise, such as champagne and strawberries. When you reach your destination, propose under a blanket of stars.

Child’s Play

Plan an entire day of fun, throwback-to-childhood summer activities. Go for a long bike ride. Get ice cream cones. Run through the sprinklers or do cannonballs in the swimming pool. At the end of the day, suggest you make chalk art on your driveway or sidewalk. Make it into a game, saying each of you should draw a picture with a hidden meaning that the other person has to guess. Turn your backs to each other so she can’t see your masterpiece, and write your romantic proposal.

Rainy Day Romance

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made of a photo of you holding the diamond engagement ring and a sign that says, “Will you marry me?” Wait for a summer storm, and spend the day at home putting together the puzzle together. Wait for the big reveal, and have the real ring ready for her! 

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