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Something Blue – Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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Blue Sapphires and Ethereal Engagement Rings by My Trio Rings

Sapphires come in a variety of colors, but the most well-know and demanded color is the Blue Sapphire. The velvety, commanding hue has captured the hearts of brides-to-be for decades. The regal color has gained its popularity most recently from the iconic Blue Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring Prince William inherited from Princess Diana to give to Kate Middleton.

The gem stone is a symbol of love, loyalty, power and wisdom, and is associate with royalty, dating back to medieval times when kings believed the stones acted as protection from those who wished to harm them. The regal reputation of those commonly referred to as Royal Blue Sapphires, and other rare gem stones, have made Blue Sapphire engagement rings the envy of every vintage lover.

A part from their reputation and historical significance, Blue Sapphires are significant in the traditions practiced on a wedding day.

Something Blue

The saying goes, “you need Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, & Something Blue.” These notorious good-luck charms have fostered superstitious behavior in brides throughout the decades. They have come to be loved among brides who take a unique approach to making sure they have each of the good luck charms on their person during their special day.

The Bride will typically be wearing or carrying their Something Blue. This charm was traditionally intended to ward off the Evil Eye, while the color blue encompasses three qualities that are said to make up a solid married – love, purity, & fidelity.

You’ll typically see Something Blue incorporated into a bride’s garter belt, flowers, shoes, or decorations. However, the item that often seems to be over looked as a great way to incorporate this lucky charm is the engagement ring!

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Imagine if your wedding rings could be your something Blue! The Blue Sapphire Collection is inspired by the regal beauty of the blue sapphire, and gives the sapphire gemstone center stage.Sapphire engagement rings featuring round cut, oval cut, emerald cut, marquis cut, and three stone trilogy center stones. BLUE SAPPHIRE ENGAGEMENT RINGS

The Ethereal Collection is the perfect curation of diamond engagement ring and his and her wedding bands. The subtle blue sapphire details introduce an elegant pop of color. The vintage inspired designs incorporate timeless, intricate engravings into unique never before seen matching wedding rings!

Blue Sapphire Ethereal connection Engagement Rings by My Trio Rings

The divine inspirations of generations passed are refined to embody the angelic light and unearthly beauty of your diamond wedding rings, creating a tangible remembrance for your lifetime of love. The vibrant glow of color in the in the blue sapphire, nestled within the whimsical details of her engagement ring, represents the story of your exquisite union.

An unworldly love between two souls, joined together by a trio of three rings – The Ethereal Collection!






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