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Ale & Richard

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Ale & Richard say it was fate. They had mutual friends but have never met before. They used to live 3 blocks away from each other and didn’t even know about it. It was in the spring of 2013. Ale had just come back from vacation and was feeling down, when her friends invited her to go out to the bar, where she saw Richard. As she was leaving, Ale wrote her number on a napkin and gave it to him saying “Call me”. Ale remembers: “He grabbed my arm and said: “You know if you give me this, I’m going to get you to date me”, to what she replied that this was the plan. He called her the next day and asked her out on a date. “That night I realized what many married couples mean when single people ask for their advice on how to be sure that someone is ‘the one’ – you just know. I just knew that I had met someone special. I knew he was the one”, Ale says.

What makes you the “perfect match”?

“We have the same heart and mind. We help each other out in every situation and we empower each other to be better every day. Our love is bigger than any trouble or any fight. We are best friends.”

Ale & Richard are wearing a stunning 7/8 Carat T.W. Trio Wedding Set in 14K White Gold .

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