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7 Wedding Superstitions & Traditions from Around the World

wedding-traditionsOver the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about wedding superstitions, from the well-known and oft-followed to the more obscure and quirky of traditions that go far beyond exchanging matching wedding bands. We still see these traditions today (some more than others), but traditional wedding practices vary from culture to culture. Check out these superstitions and wedding traditions from other parts of the world!

Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World

From Italy — Smashing a Glass

Italian couples celebrate their nuptials by smashing a glass enthusiastically during the wedding ceremony. Tradition says that every shard of glass represents one happy year of marriage. The more pieces the better!

From India — Have a Hungry Cat

In India, tradition says that it’s good luck for the happy couple if a cats gnaws on either the groom or the bride’s left shoe a week before the wedding.

From Ireland — Sounding the Bells

This is one of the wedding superstitions that still exists today. In Ireland, church bells rung during the wedding ceremony are said to chase away evil spirits and promise a happy family life for the couple. In the modern age, some brides carry small bells in their bouquets or receive bells as a wedding gift.

From Finland — Carry the Match

In Finland, the bride carries an unlit match with her down the aisle. It’s meant to ensure a lasting, burning passion between the bride and her groom.

From India and the Middle East — Henna Parties

In India as well as the Middle East, the ornate decoration of a bride’s hands and feet with henna (mehndi) is more than just a beautiful art. Henna has long represented good luck, health and sensuality. The application of mehndi can take hours, and this ritual is often made into “henna parties,” for the bride and her friends. Sometimes, the groom’s initials are hidden in the intricate designs. If he can find his initials on the wedding night, it’s said to be good luck. If he can’t, then he’s supposed to give his wife a gift.

From Greece — Bring Something Sweet

In Greek culture, a bride can bring sweetness to her married life by placing a sugar cube in her glove for the wedding ceremony.

From China — The Original Red Weddings

Chinese brides don’t dress in white (instead of symbolizing purity, white is worn for funerals). Instead, the traditional Chinese bride wears a qipao, which is a red silk dress with gold detail. Red is a common thread throughout the entire wedding, as it is a symbol of luck, joy, wealth and love.

What wedding traditions will you incorporate into your ceremony?

Make sure you have your matching wedding bands ready to go for the big day.

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