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Same-Sex Wedding Ideas: Part II

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We’re still celebrating the overturn of DOMA, and we have another same-sex wedding ideas post for you soon-to-be married couples out there! We’ve already covered our favorite matching wedding bands for same-sex couples as well as a post about basic wedding ideas. Here, we’re getting a little more into the details, but there are still more posts on the way. For now, enjoy some tips on invitations, traditions, and last names for your wedding. 


Wondering how to word your invitations? Traditionally, the person(s) paying for the wedding are considered to be the host(s) and are normally on the invitation. However, if you and your partner are paying for the wedding yourselves, your names should be at the top of the invitation. One wedding planning site, theknot.com, gives several different wording templates. For example, one reads:

“The honor of your presence

is requested at the marriage of

Derek Ryan Baker

to Charles Robert Jacobson

Saturday, the seventeenth of May

two thousand and eight

at half past four in the afternoon”


Deciding which traditions to include in your wedding ceremony is a discussion all soon-to-be-married couples need to have. You and the love of your life need to decide which traditions are significant to you as individuals, as well as which traditions are important to you as a couple. Decide together whether or not you want a family member to walk you down the aisle, or what kind of vows you want to recite before slipping on that same-sex wedding band set. It’s your wedding– so above all make sure your ceremony reflects how you both want it to be. 

Last Names

Want to change your name to further symbolize your union? Do it! According to an article from advocate.com, approximately 38% of same-sex couples change their name somehow after a union. You and your sweetheart can opt to changing your names in a variety of ways. Both of you can take one or the other’s last name, you can hyphenate the two last names, or you can both adopt a whole new last name together. Of course, if you and your partner want to keep your separate names, you can do that, too. 

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