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Best Places to Propose in Louisville, KY


Louisville, KY is one of those small cities that has a certain spunk to it. Whether you’re from Louisville or just visiting, it’s a neat town with a lot of pride and a lot to offer. Here are some of the best places to propose in Louisville:

At a Cardinals Game

Louisville is a passionate city, especially when it comes to the University of Louisville Cardinals. If you’re a sports fan, it would be a blast to catch a baseball or basketball game and see what the hype is all about (the game would get even more exciting when you propose). The men’s basketball team earned the title of NCAA champions this year, and the men’s baseball team is currently at the Men’s College World Series.

At the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby only happens once a year, so this one would take some extra planning. This is a nationally recognized event, and Churchill Downs in Louisville has been the home of the Kentucky Derby since 1875. Why not take advantage of the excitement and present the love of your life with a diamond cluster ring?

At a Nice Restaurant

Louisville was named one of the Top 5 “Foodiest” small cities in America by Bon Appétit Magazine and that title is much deserved. You’ll find great food in Louisville, so if you and your sweetheart consider yourself foodies, pop the question at one of their best restaurants. One of their premier restaurants, RIVUE Restaurant, has a gorgeous rotating view of the city...how romantic!

None of these sound like your cup of tea? You can always opt for a more personal spot like Cherokee Park or the Louisville Waterfront Park.

Wherever you choose, make sure you check out our selection of diamond cluster rings before you get on one knee.

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