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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Uh-oh. You woke up this morning with the nagging suspicion that you were forgetting something but couldn’t quite place it. Then you glanced at the date and realized this Thursday is Valentine’s Day. And you haven’t planned anything for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife.  

Don’t panic. This holiday doesn’t have to be about lavish gifts or Michelin-starred restaurants; it is simply a chance for you to spend some quality time with your sweetheart. With a little bit of creativity and hustle, you can still put together a heartfelt and romantic last-minute Valentine’s Day celebration.

3 Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Candlelit Dinner

Even if you aren’t an accomplished cook, it is easy to prepare an elegant, delicious and impressive meal. Browse cookbooks or food blogs to find simple recipes that only use a few high-quality ingredients, such as grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, or pan-seared steak and Caesar salad. On your way home from work on Valentine’s Day, pick up cooking ingredients, a nice bottle of wine, candles for the table and a dessert from your favorite bakery. When your Valentine arrives for dinner, pour her a glass of wine and don’t let her lift a finger to help. Enjoy your intimate dinner for two, then do all the dishes and clean-up yourself.

2. Play Time

Why should a Valentine’s Day date be serious and stuffy? Let your hair down, have some fun and plan a playful date out on the town. Go ice skating and hold hands while you gracefully glide around the rink (or cling to each other to avoid falling – fun either way!). Play a round of miniature golf to get in touch with your inner kid… then go out for drinks at a hip wine bar for your grown-up side. Get a little culture: look up local museums, art galleries and theaters to see if there are any special events or exhibits going on that night.

3. Back to the Future

Check OpenTable for your city to find a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try with reservations still open for Valentine’s Day. If you are flexible on time, you can often find an early or late slot available. Indulge in dinner and dessert, then head back home for a post-dinner drink. When you open a bottle of wine or prosecco, take out a few sheets of blank white paper and two pens. Write letters to each other (no peeking!) that you will open a few years in the future on a milestone – for example, Valentine’s Day five years from now or your 10th wedding anniversary. Seal your letters in envelopes, and place them in a box with a bottle of wine that will be good to drink on your specified date. Tape up the box, label it with the opening date and try to fight back your impatience!

What are your last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas? Share in the comments. 

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