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Best Places to Propose in Indianapolis

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing Places to Propose

Indianapolis is a city of Midwestern warmth
and charm aswell as cosmopolitan flair. As with many cities, there are many different bestplaces to propose, depending on your budget and your interests. If you feellike it is about time to pop the question, then here are a few ideas to get youstarted.

Best Places to Propose

1. On a Trail

A rails-to-trails project, Indy’s Monon Trail is an appealing urban greenway area of tree-lined trails that stretches throughmore than ten miles
of the city and more quiet suburban areas. It is awell-used path for pedestrians and bicyclists that carves out a green respitefrom the city, complete with interesting bridge engineering and local art. Ifyou are looking for one of the best places
to propose in Indianapolis,something distinctive and unique to the city, then you don’t need to go anyfurther than a secluded corner of the Monon Trail to pop the question.

2. In a Carriage

There isn’t much more romantic than a horse drawn carriagethrough parks or city streets. If you are looking for a classic proposal idea,then look no further than an Indianapolis carriage ride.
And don’tforget to take lots of pictures to remember the romantic adventure!

3. Over Dinner

If you are looking for the best places to propose in anycity, then you might want to take a walk on the wild side and look into themost unique ethnic restaurants. Indianapolis offers the Abyssinia EthiopianRestaurant,for
example. Ethiopian food can be a romantic cuisine because it is sodifferent from what we are used to. It is a dining experience where you arelikely to sit on small stools or cushions and use a special flatbread calledinjera to scoop your food with
your fingers rather than fork. You share a bigplate of food and can even feed each other to boost the romance before you popthe question.

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