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Best Places to Propose in Denver

The Precious Places series continues, with Denver, Coloradoin
this week’s spotlight. From professional sports to the arts to outdooractivities, Denver is a diverse city that offers something to everyone.  If you’re ready to get engaged, then pick outan inexpensive engagement ring and get started!

Best Places toPropose in Denver

1. In a Garden

If you are looking for the best places to propose in Denver,you may not have to look any further than the Denver Botanic Gardens. Withthree different locations, the gardens feature a wide variety of landscapes,trails, and plants. Whether you wish to propose
on an alpine trail or in a romantic fragrance garden,the
Botanic Gardens are an excellent place to set the mood.

2. With Chocolate

Denver offers a wide variety of amazing restaurants. But forsomething a little different, skip the dinner date and bring an inexpensive engagementring to Crave Dessert Bar,where you can share
decadent gourmet treats such as chocolate-filledstrawberries, rich red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, or cheesecakedipped in melted chocolate. You can also enjoy a wide selection of appetizers,coffees, and adult beverages to accompany your

3. On the Street

Old South Pearl Street is an eclectic shopping district full of distinctive local flavor. Hold handsas you browse vintage bikes, mystery books, boutique wines, and more. Get amassage
or sit down and relax at one of Pearl Street’s many delicious eateries,from Sexy Pizza to Budapest Bistro.This charming
district reflects the diversity and history of Denver and offerssomething for everyone. If you choose Pearl Street as one of the best places topropose in Denver for you, just bring the ring along with you and pop thequestion when the mood strikes, whether
it be over a cup of coffee or peoplewatching on a bench.

Share your proposal story with us!Photo credit: Chrismyers67

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