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10 Steps to Planning a Proposal

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing





1. Find the Right Person

Sometimes you know after the first date. Sometimes you knowafter three years. There is no perfect time frame for realizing that you wantto spend the rest of your life with someone. But when you know you’ve found theright person, then you may wish to begin
planning a proposal.

2. Decide on the Best Time Frame

Now that you are ready, do you want to propose as soon aspossible, or are you hoping to wait until a significant event like a holiday,an anniversary, or an upcoming trip?

3. Determine a Budget

What is your budget for planning a proposal? Are you limitedto what you spend on an inexpensive engagement ring? Or do you also have fundsfor a nice dinner out, a weekend getaway, baseball tickets, or another moreelaborate plan?

4. Shop for an Inexpensive Engagement Ring

Start browsing stores and websites for engagement rings.Think about your loved one’s style and taste as well as your own budget. Make ashort list of your favorite choices, and shop around for the best deal.Remember that you’re likely to get the best deal
on an inexpensive engagementring online.

5. Measure her Finger

Before you purchase a ring, you will need to know her size.If she wears a ring on her ring finger, measure it sometime when it is off herfinger. You could also consider ordering a free ring sizer from
My Trio Rings to use after she goes to sleep, or ask her mom or sister inconfidence if they know her size.

6. Purchase a Ring

Once you have finalized your budget and her sizing, pick thering you think that she will love best and order it.

7. Consider Possible Locations

Now is the creative part of planning a proposal. Will youpropose at home over a candlelight dinner? Or will you use the inexpensiveengagement ring to propose more publicly at a sporting event, a botanicalgarden, or at the top of the Empire State Building?
Will you organize a singingproposal flash mob or have her unwrap a special package under the Christmas tree this year?

8. Make a Plan

Once you have considered all the possibilities, make a planand choose a date to pop the big question.

9. Practice What You Want to Say

Some guys stick to the traditional down-on-one-knee,will-you-marry-me. Other guys like to be more eloquent in their proposal,sharing their feelings openly with their girlfriend. If you want to saysomething special, think in advance about what that might

10. Execute Your Plan

Now is the time to make your proposal happen. Grab the ring and go!

Photo credit: Ryan Polei

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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