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Is a Conflict-Free Diamond Ring Right For You?

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conflict-free diamonds

So often it seems like it costs more
money to make thebetter choice. The printer paper made from recycled paper costs more. Theorganic milk costs more. And we all know that the Hawaiian honeymoon costs
a wee bit more than a trip to the state park. Fortunately, even if youare planning a wedding on a budget, there are many excellent choices you canmake without sacrificing beauty, quality, or integrity. One of those choices isquite simple: choose a conflict-free
diamond ring.

1. Do you want abeautiful ring?

Choose a ring made from gorgeous conflict-free diamonds. Youcan choose a conflict-free diamond ring in just about any style and price rangethat you have in mind. With My Trio Rings, you have the assurance of a jewelerthat has privileges with Kimberley
Process certified De Beers mines, so you canbe sure that your ring is not only gorgeous, it is actually conflict-free andaffordable.

2. Do you want a ringthat will last a lifetime?

Just because you are planning a wedding on a budget doesn’tmean that you have to sacrifice quality. Don’t choose anything less than a ringwith real diamonds that are certified conflict-free. Fake diamonds and lessermetals might save a few dollars in the
short run but a real conflict-freediamond ring with real gold will save a lot of heartache in the long run.

3. Do you want tocelebrate your love of a lifetime with a piece of jewelry that honors humanlife?

Celebrate your love with a conflict free diamond ring thatpromotes sound human rights practices and strengthens economies of equality.With My Trio Rings, you can find the integrity, quality, and beauty you desireat a price you can afford.

Start shopping for yours today!

Photo credit: SethLemmons


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