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Budget Wedding Knock-Offs


It is not unusual for companies to create and market budget wedding knock-offs โ€“ dresses and jewelry budget-wedding-knock-offs and other wedding accessories that strongly resemble diamond cluster rings worn by royals or gowns worn by celebrities. After this year’s marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, for example, many designers copied Kate’s wedding gown and her sister Pippa’s bridesmaid dress to create budget wedding gowns more widely available to customers for less money.


What is less common is for the designer of the object in question to also design a knock-off. However, designer Sarah Burton, who designed Pippa Middleton’s draping silk dress, has just released a knock-off of her original design, which features a zipper in back, unlike Pippa’s original buttons.

This knock-off dress, however, is not exactly a budget wedding dress. Instead, it costs over $3,000 to purchase โ€“ out of the price range of many brides. The Bridal Association of America reports that an American bride pays an average of $1,500 on a wedding gown, even if she is not on a budget. So spending over $3,000 on a knock-off designer gown is indeed far beyond the reach of many.

If you are planning a budget wedding and hoping to save money on a variety of items such as wedding gowns and diamond cluster rings, then perhaps avoiding such knock-off gowns in general might help you save a little money. If you make selections based on your own personal style, it could be far less expensive than trying to imitate the style and taste of someone famous, who probably has a great deal of money to spend on wedding accessories without thinking too much about a budget.


Alternately, you may just want to avoid the big-name jewelry and gown designers altogether and instead browse the styles of lesser-known retailers who can offer the same quality at a much lower price.

What are your tips for sticking to your wedding budget without compromising your style?

Photo Credit: Flickr (www.chicagofabulousblog.com)


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