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Start Smart with an Inexpensive Trio Wedding Ring Set

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In today’s climate of extreme budgeting and cutbacks, you might not feel certain that you can afford the wedding of your dreams – or even the wedding ring of your dreams. However, an inexpensive trio wedding ring set might be just the answer you are looking for to find timeless, elegant style at an affordable price.

Some jewelers offer better prices on three rings purchased together as a set an engagement ring, a ladies’ wedding band, and a men’s wedding band than these three rings purchased separately. Basically, an inexpensive trio wedding ring set saves you money because it saves the jeweler money. It is less expensive for a jeweler to manufacture, ship, and market coordinating rings as a set, and it saves you time and money, too.

You are likely to save even more money if you are willing to forego a diamond solitaire ring and instead invest in a diamond cluster ring. Just like a solitaire ring, a diamond cluster ring is made from real diamonds that are certified conflict-free. However, instead of one big expensive diamond, the ring is made from a cluster of smaller high-quality diamonds. The visual impact of a diamond cluster ring is the same as a solitaire ring, as the grouping of diamonds gives both elegance and luster. However, the cost is much less, since it is cheaper to mine perfect diamonds that are smaller in size.

An inexpensive trio wedding ring set that is comprised of diamond clusters will save you even more money, but they will still last you a lifetime. You will likely wish to insure your wedding jewelry, just as you would for more expensive selections, and you care for the jewelry in the same way. Now all you need to do is decide what style suits you best!

Photo Credit: Flickr (dccraftaholic128)


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