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Budget Wedding Music Ideas


Pachelbel? Tchaikovsky? Beethoven? Mendelssohn? Many brides and grooms feel perplexed when they hear all of the options available to them, even if they are choosing to have a traditional budget wedding. Many people fret about finding an affordable wedding ring set, but that process can actually be far easier than finding affordable wedding music.

Perhaps you feel equally out of your league. As you start to make decisions about your budget wedding music, you may wish to consult comprehensive guides from The Wedding Channel and TheKnot.com. Both sites offer comprehensive wedding music guides that list a wide variety of music options for all the different parts of your budget wedding ceremony and reception, including a variety of different musical styles.
Additionally, if you are having a church wedding, your pastor or your organist might already have a small selection of standard music they use in weddings at the church. A few popular wedding ceremony hymns include “Amazing Grace,” “For the Beauty of the Earth,” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” and “Day by Day.” A soloist might sing more beautifully, but you will save money if you ask your guests to sing your hymns of choice during the ceremony. And the more familiar the song, the more lovely the sound will be.

Many wedding planners strongly recommend sticking to professional musicians and professional DJs for your wedding, but as with hunting for an affordable wedding ring set, your budget is your budget. If the best ceremony music you can afford is singing hymns with your guests, embrace that and make the best of it. The same is true if your budget wedding reception music needs to be an iPod playlist of your favorite songs played over a loudspeaker. But before you resign yourself to a purely DIY music approach, consider these possible sources of affordable wedding music:

1. University music students
2. Talented friends and family
3. New DJ’s
4. Church organists and choirs

What music are you most excited about including in your wedding?

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