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Top 3 Christmas Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing




Are you ready to propose? Believe it or not, guys, if a Christmas proposal is what you’ve got in mind, the time to start planning is now. This gives you time to determine whether an affordable trio wedding ring set is right for your budget wedding, learn about the 4 C’s, decide what style ring you prefer, and even learn how to protect and care for your affordable trio wedding ring set.

Really, it isn’t that complicated. It is as easy as deciding on your budget and browsing the My Trio Rings website to choose the rings that you think you and your fiancée will love the best.

You may be a low-key, push-the-ring-box-across-the-dinner-table kind of guy, or maybe you’re a more traditional down-on-one-knee type. If either of those are true, then you may not be looking for creative Christmas proposal ideas. But if you want a more creative Christmas proposal, then here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. When the snow starts falling, get outdoors and participate in a winter sport such as skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, or even just wintry sleigh riding. When you come inside from the cold to warm up with hot chocolate, pull off your girlfriend’s gloves and offer an affordable trio wedding ring set as a way to warm up her fingers.

2. Ask your girlfriend if she would like to open one special gift on Christmas Eve. Pile wrapped gifts under the tree for her to choose from. Leave each box empty except for one that contains the engagement ring. Get her to keep unwrapping boxes until she finds the package with the ring inside.

3. Put the pre-planned proposal ideas aside. Carry the ring around in your pocket as the holiday nears, and just wait for a perfect, memorable Christmas moment to pop the question to the woman of your dreams. Maybe it will be while Christmas shopping, while sipping holiday-flavored coffees, while wrapping gifts, while singing Christmas carols, or even while trying to dig a car out of a snow drift. Trust your intuition and surprise both of you with the perfect proposal!

What are your Christmas proposal ideas?

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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