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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

3 Popular Settings for Trio Wedding Rings

by Melia Dicker on Feb 14 in Ceremony

When you're shopping for a bridal ring set, you need to consider several different factors. You'll need to keep your purchase within your budget. You'll also want to pick trio wedding rings that best suit your tastes. In addition to a wedding band that works for you, the setting of your diamonds is a large part of the style of your rings.

Here are three of the most common settings for trio wedding rings:

1. Prong Setting / Claw setting

Prong settings, or claw settings, are the most popular and most classic style, especially for solitaire rings. Four prongs show more of the diamond's surface area, while six prongs hold the gem more securely. It's typical for this setting to give the impression that the diamond is floating above the band, letting in more light and enhancing its sparkle. One downside to prong settings is that the prongs may occasionally catch on hair or clothing.

2. Cluster Setting

 Cluster settings group smaller diamonds together into a shape. Simple shapes include circles and squares, and more intricate shapes include flowers and leaves. My Trio Rings offers a wide selection of trio wedding rings with cluster settings because they are less expensive than large solitaire diamonds. They also provide an impressive visual impact. 

3. Channel Setting

 Channel settings in a bridal ring set embed stones into the band. In an engagement ring, they accent a solitaire diamond or cluster beautifully. Channel settings come in many different patterns. Some line the top of a band, and others form an artistic pattern around the entire band. One advantage of choosing a channel setting for your trio wedding rings is that the bands clearly complement each other, symbolizing your union as a married couple.

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About the author

Melia Dicker

Melia Dicker is a California native turned Southern belle. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi, and is a founding partner of Creative Distillery, the design and communications studio that she runs with her husband and sister. Melia specializes in narrative nonfiction and has written for a variety of blogs and mainstream publications. She married the love of her life in February 2011 and stayed within a modest budget by using many of the tips suggested on the My Trio Rings blog. Melia writes about food and relationships (the finer things in life) at www.eatdrinkandbemarried.com.