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Wedding Ideas

My Trio Rings Blog provides useful information about how to experience the timeless traditions of marriage on an affordable budget

To Propose in Public or Not to Propose in Public

by Kelly Smith on Aug 29 in Proposal

The Internet has been abuzz in recent weeks about proposals – and specifically about whether to propose in public. There have been many recent proposal videos and photos that have gone viral online, and some spectators are uncertain about the whole show.

If you are ready to propose, then you are likely to be well aware of how well your offer would be received if you decide to propose in public. But just in case you’re on the fence, here are some things for you to think about before you make arrangements with the announcer at the ball game:

3 Reasons Not to Propose in Public

1. One or both of you is shy or very private and would prefer to share a more intimate proposal with just the two of you present.

2. Your spouse-to-be is likely to want to be able to look in a mirror or change their outfit before getting national media attention.

3. You are not 100% sure what your significant other’s response might be to your proposal, and you don’t want an audience if the answer is maybe.

3 Reasons to Propose in Public

1. You are certain that your spouse-to-be would love a very memorable and very public marriage proposal, especially something that will celebrate something that you share in common, such as a love of a certain sports team.

2. You first met in a public location, and you would like to revisit that spot to propose for sentimental reasons.

3. You are both very people-oriented, and the moment you present a diamond cluster engagement ring doesn’t need to be private. In fact, it might be even more exciting to have other people around.

Whatever your proposal style, pick out a diamond cluster engagement ring today!

Photo credit: FreeRishad

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About the author

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, recent brain surgery survivor, and wannabe
chicken farmer in Jackson, Mississippi. She has bachelor's and master's degrees in English.
She planned her own budget outdoor wedding five years ago at a state park in Florida, on the
waterfront of a natural spring. She wishes that she had known more about budget weddings back
when she was planning hers, because she comes up with new ideas all the time that she wishes
she had incorporated into her own wedding plans! In addition to saving money, Kelly's passions
are reading, writing, parenting, planning, traveling, and living an environmentally friendly life.