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Find the perfect matching ring set from one of our categories below!

Our Trio diamond rings sets feature the three matching wedding rings that a couple needs to have a truly traditional wedding ceremony: a ladies' engagement ring, a ladies’ wedding band, and a men’s wedding band. Our “his and hers” rings reflect an aptly unified design that symbolizes the traditional union of two souls.

At My Trio Rings, we’re proud to show that high quality matching wedding rings can also be affordable! Every one of our diamond ring sets features diamonds that are authentic and naturally mined. Our diamonds are also conflict-free, in compliance with the United Nations resolution and United States FTC standards. You can be sure that you’re My Trio Rings “his and hers rings” rings are true to the highest ideals of love and respect.

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    Jumaane & Safiya

    The My Trio Rings Love Stories Series profiles couples who've chosen My Trio Rings and spotlights their story! For this episode, meet Jumaane & Safiya, a love story from when they were kids!

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