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I am happy with the overall experience and I absolutely love my rings. We were in a budget and my trio rings helped me to stay well within that budge, I am grateful for that.. I received my rings on 7/11/17 and have already recommended them to my family and friends. - Dimitra D

I recieve my ring for my birthday and when I opened the box and saw it I was so amazed. This ring is beyond beautiful. Pictures doesn't do any justice. - Jasmine P

Very easy process. With wedding planning being such a huge undertaking, using this service definitely added some ease. - Arecia Y

Beautiful trio - Cristal R

My rings were exactly what she wanted! Mytriorings provides excellent service to my family and I! I will definitely purchase from your company again. - Daniel V

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These rings are EVERYTHING and more. I am in love with this company and the customer service they provided. If you want the perfect ring please purchase from My Trio Ring. - YOLONDA Y

We just paid off our Layaway plan on Thursday, so imagine my surprise when today on Fri, 1 day later the UPS man is at the door with our rings! Excellent Value, rings went on sale throughout our Layaway plan and they graciously matched the price, saving another $400 off an already great deal.Customer Service is Excellent! I couldn't be more ... - jodi w

My ring arrived when it was suppose to. Loved the ring and the quality. - Leonila R

At My Trio Rings, we're proud to offer high quality affordable matching wedding rings! Weddings are joyous occasions, but they can be expensive. We offer a variety of inexpensive bridal rings, affordable matching wedding rings, and more! We even make purchasing an engagement ring on a budget possible with our layaway payment plan. My Trio Rings ensures you will find your dream wedding ring at a price that won't break the bank.

matching trio ring set

Matching Trio Wedding Rings

Starting at $599.99

Our Matching Trio Ring Sets include a matching Engagement, Ladies, and Men's Ring. A wedding ring shows you're married, but a matching wedding ring shows who you're married to. This is the most affordable way to get all three wedding rings that are necessary for a traditional wedding.

matching bridal rings

Matching Bridal Rings

Starting at $399.99

Our beautifully crafted matching bridal sets look great together. Why buy her one ring when you can buy her two? My Trio Rings offers high quality, but inexpensive bridal rings!

Help me find my dream wedding rings

Engagement Rings

Starting at $199.99

We have hundreds of engagement rings to choose from. If she says yes after you propose, get 10% off the matching wedding band set. My Trio Rings is dedicated to helping couples find the perfect engagement ring on a budget.

Matching Wedding Band Rings

Starting at $349.99

Wedding bands are the ultimate way to share the bond with your partner. Show your affordable matching wedding rings off to all of your family and friends. My Trio Rings is proud to offer wedding rings on a budget!

Beautiful wedding rings do not have to come at ridiculous prices. My Trio Rings is giving couples the rings they always dreamed of for the prices they can afford. We understand that purchasing wedding rings on a budget is not an easy task, and we work to guarantee you will find your dream wedding ring at a price that works for you! From inexpensive bridal rings to affordable matching wedding rings, we have what you are looking for!