Extended Service Plan


Extended Service Plan


Authentic diamond and gold jewelry requires proper care and maintenance over time. My Trio Rings is proud to offer a world class professional ring care service that helps you keep your rings sparkling like the day you first put them on! The My Trio Rings Extended Service Plan (ESP) provides coverage where you can send in your rings once a year for five (5) years for any of the following services:


Covers the resize of a ring within 2 ring sizes to make sure your ring fits perfectly

Rhodium Polishing

Rhodium provides your gold ring with a lustrous shine

Steam & Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Our professional grade steam and ultra-sonic cleaners will remove even the smallest of dust and dirt particles


Refresh your anniversary or special milestones engravings

Prong Re-tipping

Add gold and rounding to the wear and tear on diamond prongs

Stone Tightening

Tightens prongs which hold your diamonds in

Missing Diamonds Replacement

Covers diamonds that are up to 1/5 carat and does not cover accidental damage

You can send your rings to us once a year and select any of the services above for that servicing. The price for the Extended Service Plan is quoted above and is for all five years total.

You may be wondering how this Extended Service Plan (ESP) compares to other jewelers, here's a comparison table for you to decide:

My Trio Rings



Affordable Pricing.
Ranges from $99 to $199

Exorbitant Pricing.
Prices go as high as $399

Ease of service

Ship rings to us for servicing. And we’ll ship rings back to your home/office with insurance and tracking.

Requires two physical trips to the jewelry store every 6 months to drop off and pick up the rings!

Check ins

Totally on your schedule and convenience! You can send in rings once every year for five years. Miss a year? No problem!

Mandatory in person six months check-up in stores! Customer cannot miss even one check-in otherwise the warranty is voided!

Void of Service Plan

Service Plan is never voided during the servicing period.

Servicing (or warranty) gets voided if you miss any 6 month store visit.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service.
Check out our customers’ feedback on how much they love us!

We haven't really heard good reviews about our competitors. But if you come across one, do let us know!

Sending in your rings for servicing is super easy!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Select your Services & Request an RMA

Send in your Rings

Rings are Serviced

Rings are shipped back insured and with tracking!

* Return shipping after services are provided is Free anywhere in the Continental United States via Ground Shipping. Rush return shipping is available at standard shipping rates

  • Customers can send in rings for servicing once every year to avail any of the above mentioned services. This means five check-ins in five years. If a check-in is not used in a particular year, it will not be carried forward to following years.
  • The plan period starts from the delivery date of the rings or when the plan is purchased, whichever comes later.
  • In case of a missing diamond due to manufacturer's defect, customers can send in rings as many times as it occurs without using their check-in. Only time a check-in will be used in case of a missing diamond is if they avail any additional services like re-sizing, engraving, etc.
  • Replacement of a missing diamond without any labor or material charge is only valid on diamonds below 1/5 of a carat. This means that most of the diamonds that are on the shank are covered. The diamond that may or may not be covered would be, for example, on the head of the engagement ring that are greater than or equal to 1/5 of a carat each.
  • No accidental damages or any kind of abuse to the rings would be covered under this plan.
  • In case of missing complete head of the engagement ring, our master jeweler will inspect the ring to determine if it will be covered under this servicing plan. If manufacturer's defect is detected, he will replace the head for no cost to the customer. If accidental damage is found, customer will be responsible for the material cost  and the company will pay for labor charges.
  • This extended service plan currently caters to the US customers only.
  • This plan is valid only on rings manufactured by My Trio Rings.
  • Extended Service Plan is valid only for those rings for which the plan is purchased. For example, if the plan is purchased only for Engagement Ring then that is the only ring that would be serviced. No other rings will be serviced under this plan.

Cancellation Policy:

  • This plan can be canceled for a full refund only if requested within 30 days of purchase, and provided that no servicing has been used under this plan.

  • After 30 days of the purchase date, no refund of any kind will be provided.

Why should I buy this plan?

Authentic diamond and gold jewelry requires proper care and maintenance. Warranty plans cover what shouldn’t happen, but care plans cover what will happen. My Trio Rings' Extended Service Plan (ESP) is a ring care package that helps you keep your rings sparkling every year just like the day you first put them on!

What are the benefits of purchasing this plan?

The ESP is a package of ring care services that are bundled together. After purchasing your rings, you may want to re-size, re-polish or re-engrave your rings. Instead of paying individually for these services from local jewelers, ESP is a cost-saving alternative to get professional services for five years all covered under one highly discounted price.

How is it better than your competitors?

Our ESP is a unique care package that is geared towards the ongoing care and service of your rings with convenience and an affordable price. Check out the comparison table of My Trio Rings vs other Jewelry Stores under the Description tab.

What all services can I take advantage of when I send the rings to you?

You can use any number of services from the list below when you send your ring for servicing:

  • Re-sizing
  • Rhodium plating
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Re-Engraving
  • Retip Prong
  • Stone Tightening
  • Missing diamonds up to 1/5 carat (Does not cover accidental damage)

How do I have my rings serviced?

Sending in your rings for servicing is super easy!




Select your services and request an RMA

Send in your rings to My Trio Rings

Rings are serviced, and shipped back insured and with tracking!

When does the plan start and end?

The plan starts from the delivery date or when the plan is purchased, whichever comes later, and continues for five years.

How many times can I send the rings under this plan?

You can send the rings once every year. This means that you'll have an option to send the rings total five times in a period of five years.

Can I send the rings in more than once a year?

This plan offers servicing once every year. You can absolutely send the rings more than once a year for servicing, but it will not be covered under this plan. Any additional services used outside this plan will be billed separately. In the event of missing diamonds due to manufacturer's defect, you can send the rings as many times as the incident happen, without any repairing cost to you.

Do I pay for shipping?

Customers can send their rings to My Trio Rings via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking for less than $10. My Trio Rings will cover domestic shipping costs while returning the rings to the customer with insurance and tracking.

What is the difference between Manufacturer’s warranty and Extended Service Plan?

All our rings come with a full year Manufacturer’s warranty in which we will repair the rings free of cost if any crafting defect is detected in the rings. Extended Service Plan (ESP) covers missing side stones in addition to ring care services like re-sizing, engraving, & rhodium polishing which are not covered under the warranty plan. Additionally, our Manufacturer’s Warranty is valid for the first year after purchase while ESP is available for a period of five years from the purchase date.

Can I re-purchase the Extended Service Plan when the five year servicing plan is about to end?

Absolutely! ESP is a bundled ring care package that you can purchase every five years. You would just have to make sure that you re-purchase it by the last month of the five year period before it expires.

Why are missing diamonds an important part of your plan?

We provide replacement of missing diamonds as a part of your plan to give you an extra net of safety. This is our assurance to you that if your ring loses any diamond (up to 1/5 ct.) with normal wear, we will replace the diamond without any material or labor charge. Please note that this does not cover replacement of clustered diamond heads or replacement of missing diamonds that are deemed by our master jeweler as accidental damage.

Do I need to send in all ring parts for repairing?

You MUST return all parts which you are in possession of for any repair.

If I don't send rings for servicing one year, can I use that in following years?

The yearly check-ins cannot be carried forward to the following years if it is not used in a particular year.

How is it possible to provide extended professional services at such a low price?

We understand that the rings we offer are a symbol of our couple’s love for each other. As authentic diamond jewelry requires proper care and maintenance, we offer the Extended Service Plan in which we provide professional service without the high retail store mark-ups.

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