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General FAQs about My Trio Rings

Our Rings

What is a Trio Ring Set?
Are your rings real?
How are your rings so low priced?
Are your rings Conflict Free?
Do you provide Certificates of Authenticity?
Where can I learn more about your diamond jewelry?

Our Company

Where are you located?
Do you have a store?
Who is the modern couple?
What makes you the modern jeweler?
You offer layaway unlike other retailers, why is that?
Has anyone else bought from My Trio Rings?
Will I get what I see online?

Availability & Shipping

When do rings ship?
When will rings be delivered?
Will it be left at my doorstep?
Can I change my shipping address?

Purchase & Payment

What payment methods do you accept?
Do you charge sales tax?
Do you have payment or credit plans?
Do you offer Layaway Plans?
How do refunds work?

Order Status

What's my order status?
What does my order status mean?
When will I receive my order?
When do I know if my order has shipped?

Changing an Order

Can I change my shipping address?
How can I view, change, or cancel my layaway?
How can I change the ring style, sizes, or address on my order?
I've got another question about my order?

Returns, Warranty & Services

Can I return my purchase?
Do you offer resizing?
Do you offer a warranty?
Do offer a lifetime protection plan?
What jewelers services do you offer?

International Customers

Do you ship to my country?
What currency is accepted at My Trio Rings?
Can I use the no-fee Layaway program?
Do you charge duties & taxes?

Layaway Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay off my Layaway Plan early or make additional payments to my plan?
What happens if I miss a payment?
When will my rings ship?
How can I update my credit card?
How can I edit a scheduled payment?
How can I reschedule my plan?

Ring Care

How can I clean my rings?
Should I take off my jewelry before bed?
What should I do when my white gold turns yellow?
My ring is bending, is this normal?
I think my diamond is loose, what should I do?