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  • Engagement Proposal Traditions from Around the World

    02G66568When you think of a marriage proposal, what immediately comes to mind? Probably the same things that come to mind for most other Americans.Typical proposals in the US involve getting down on one knee and presenting your sweetheart with a diamond ring, but have you ever thought about what the rest of the world does when proposing marriage? There are a range of different traditions from around the world. Let’s take a look at how our customary approach compares to the engagement proposal traditions from other parts of the world:


    After a Japanese couple is engaged, it’s customary for the families of the engaged couple to exchange nine gifts, including a folded fan and kelp. This exchange of gifts typically happens at an elaborate engagement ceremony, which is called the “yuinou.” In Japanese culture, marriage isn’t just about the commitment between two people; it’s also about the connection between two families.


    In Spain, a man will present a diamond ring to his love in much the same way an American man would. It’s what comes next that’s a little different. After the proposal, the woman will go and find an engagement wristwatch for her fiance.


    In Germany, you’ll find both the man and woman wearing an engagement ring on their left hands. (The practice of a man wearing an engagement ring is not altogether uncommon in America. Learn more about the rising popularity of mangagement rings.)


    After a couple becomes engaged in Egypt, both the man and the woman wear rings on their right hand to signify their engagement. After they’re married, they move the rings to the left hand.


    In Pakistani culture, the family of the bridegroom proposes to the family of the bride. In very traditional families, it’s possible that the potential bride and groom aren’t involved at all. If the bride’s family accepts the proposal, a party is thrown where the groom-to-be formally proposes to the bride-to-be.


    In some tribes in Kenya, engagement proposal traditions involve a strand of beads. A man will send the beads to the woman he would like to marry. To accept the proposal, the woman simply keeps the beads. If she sends them back, she rejects the proposal.

    If you’re interested in mangagement rings, be sure to check out our other blog post about the subject!

  • Must-Watch Viral Video: Home Depot Same-Sex Proposal

    Have you seen this video of an adorable same-sex marriage proposal that took place at Home Depot?

    Shopper Dustin just thought he was going into the store to help his roommate pick out something for the apartment. Little did he know that he was about to experience a life-changing moment. His friends and family do a flash mob dance to Betty Who's "Somebody Loves You." The actual proposal begins when Spencer, Dustin's boyfriend (and now fiance!), comes out with a lyric from the song on a poster board: "If I'm good to you, won't you be good to me?" Watch for yourself (but you might just get a little misty-eyed, so have those tissues ready...):


    If you’re getting ready to propose to the love of your life, make sure you have your mangagement ring ready - browse our selection of diverse rings for your perfect fit. And, if you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, we’re happy to say that we've gotten our same-sex wedding band pages up and running! We have a wide selection of both male same-sex matching wedding bands and female same-sex matching wedding bands. Take a look, and let us know what you think!

    You never know...maybe the next time you go to Home Depot, there could be a flash mob waiting for you.

    Are you sure you’ve found “the one,” but you’re both just not ready for a proposal yet? Try presenting your lady with a promise ring instead! 

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