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  • The Pros and Cons of Eloping

    pros and cons of elopingWe know, we know. The stress of planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming. Don’t you sometimes just want to throw your wedding plans away and elope? That might be a good option for some couples, but definitely not all. To know whether eloping is actually a good idea for you and your partner or it's just the wedding planning stress talking, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

    PRO: Time and Energy.

    Let’s be honest: planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. If you want to forgo the hassle, eloping might be a better option for you. You no longer have to stress about who will sit next to whom at the reception or who should or shouldn't be in your wedding party. 

    PRO: Costs.

    Weddings are also expensive. Very expensive. You can cut costs immensely by choosing to elope. Forget about the down payment on your DJ/band, the flowers, and the caterer. Instead, you can probably buy a beautiful promise ring, take an even more extravagant honeymoon and still end up saving!

    PRO: All about you as a couple.

    Even though a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of you and your sweetheart as a couple, a lot of time is spent worrying about guests, the wedding party, family members, and so on. When you elope, you have the opportunity to truly make the day about you and your fiancé. You no longer have to stress about Uncle Joe drinking too much or the friends who didn't make the guest list.

    CON: Gifts, showers, and parties.

    More often than not, when you make the decision to elope, you’re forgoing the “right” to any parties, showers, or wedding gifts. Don’t expect any crazy bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or brand new toaster ovens. Of course, this might be a minimal price to pay for those who have their hearts set on eloping.

    CON: Hurt Feelings.

    Yes, when you elope you can make the ceremony more about you and your partner and avoid the drama of planning an extravagant wedding. However, most of your family, friends, and loved ones probably aren’t going to be too happy when they've found out you’ve gotten married without them present. Be prepared to deal with the backlash, especially from parents, siblings, close friends, and others who felt like they should have been invited or involved.

    CON: Could feel anticlimactic.

    Have you spent your whole life dreaming of your perfect wedding ceremony and that perfect moment after you and your partner exchange matching wedding bands and kiss as a married couple? If so, you might be disappointed if you decide to elope, and you might feel that your union was anticlimactic. If you've always wanted a big wedding, don’t let the stress and costs discourage you. Countless people have planned weddings and seen them through. Don’t just elope on a whim. You might find yourself regretting not having your dream ceremony and reception.

    If you want to elope, but also want a celebration, a growing trend is to throw a party for friends and family after you elope. It might be the best of both worlds-- a private ceremony for you and your fiancé and then a chance to celebrate it with your loved ones.

    Whatever your perfect wedding is, make sure to check out our selection of promise rings and matching wedding bands!

  • How to Elope on a Budget and a Timeline

    When you envision your dream wedding, you may not see a lacy white wedding dress, elaborate arrangements of flowers, and an audience full of guests. You may see you and your partner exchanging vows on a beach with only an officiant and a couple of witnesses, or the two of you standing in front of a Justice of the Peace. Many couples forgo a big wedding production in favor of a simple ceremony. Eloping saves money, hassle, and time.


    Even if you're eloping, you can still get creative and have your wedding just the way you want it. Here are five ideas for eloping on a budget and timeline that will help you arrange a memorable wedding day, without all the fuss. 

    1. Choose a venue and your witnesses.

    Take some time as a couple to outline your priorities for your wedding. Do you want to skip the big production altogether and save the money for a shared project or goal? Or do you want to have a celebration that's small and intimate, with just your nearest and dearest? Would you like to be close to home, or take an adventure to a faraway destination? If you plan to travel, what's within your budget and timeframe? If you'll be bringing your own witnesses, be realistic about where they can travel with you. Some chapels will provide their own staff as witnesses, but make sure to check in advance. 

    2. Get a marriage license.

    Marriage license requirements vary by location, so look up your state for the marriage license fee and where to apply. If you're on a very tight timeline, be sure to check these rules before you make any arrangements you can't change. 

    3. Buy your rings.

    The wedding band sets at My Trio Rings are perfect for eloping. They come as customizable and matching sets, so you'll be certain to find one that fits your budget and style. Create your own bridal ring sets, trio ring sets or engagement rings with the setting, gold color, diamond carat and other features you want.

    We also ship quickly worldwide from our New York City location, so no matter where you decide to get hitched, we can get your rings to you easily. Ground shipping in the United States is free, and we also offer two-day or overnight shipping for a small extra fee. And if you change your mind and decide you want different trio or bridal ring sets, we have a free 30-day return policy. Bottom line: if your wedding date is rapidly approaching, you can rest easy knowing that your rings will arrive before your big day! 

    4. Pick out what to wear.


    This is a special day, so wear something that makes you feel great. For some, that's a suit for the groom and a traditional wedding dress for the bride. For others, it's faded jeans and a sundress. If you're looking for a traditional dress, see our post on Where to Buy and Sell Used Wedding Items for dresses that are lovely and barely worn. You might also borrow a wedding dress from a family member or friend. After all, it's not getting much use hanging in the closet!

    If you and your partner are eloping far from home, you could also take an impromptu shopping trip together to find your wedding clothes. Be open to the unconventional, and you might be surprised what gems you discover in thrift shops, outlet malls or tiny boutiques. Use safety pins to make quick modifications to new threads that don't have time for formal alterations. 

    5. Plan your honeymoon. 

    Some couples save on the wedding and splurge on big honeymoon, like a trip around the world. Others keep the honeymoon as simple as the ceremony and take a "mini-moon" to a nearby destination, perhaps the place where you first fell in love, or a town you've always wanted to visit.

    Make sure you do plan some time for just the two of you, ideally something out of your normal routine. Even if you just make a long weekend at home out of it, staying in and eating breakfast in bed, you'll appreciate the rest and relaxation. Don't become so focused on figuring out how to elope that you forget to build in time for your first days as a married couple!

    Excited to elope? Before you do, choose one of our customizable wedding band sets!


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