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  • The 4cs

    The 4's C's of diamond classification are: color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. Together, the 4 C's determine a diamond's cost and value. It's essential to understand the 4 C's because each C speaks differently to your individual preferences
    and budget.

    The 4 C's will help you understand the value of your purchase so you can get the most out of your budget. Using our four generations of expertise, we've pared this information down to what you need to know to find the best value.


    While diamonds come in every color of the spectrum, the most valuable diamonds are colorless. Truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare to find while mining; as a result, they're very expensive.

    Diamonds are graded on a standard color scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds range from D (colorless) to Z (yellow). The further down in the alphabet the diamond is, the more yellow it appears. Color can best
    be determined by looking at a loose diamond on a pure white surface, and by noting its contrast to other stones.

    diamond color scale graph


    All My Trio Rings diamonds are near colorless, in the G, H and I range, and set to optimize light reflection.

    Though colorless diamonds are held up as the ideal, the truth is that G, H and I diamonds appear colorless to the naked eye. Unless you plan to grade your stones against white paper, you won't be able to notice a distinguishable color for diamonds
    in the G-I range. Your budget will stretch much further if you shop in the near colorless range (G-I), vs. colorless (D-F).


    Some people believe that carat refers to the size of a diamond while in actuality; carat is the term used to measure a diamond's physical weight. The larger the diamond of a particular quality, the harder it is to find while mining and the greater
    its rarity. Because larger diamonds of a particular grade are rarer, they generally have a greater value and cost per carat.

    How big is a carat? A carat is equal to 200 milligrams, and there are 142 carats to an ounce. 1 carat diamond = 0.200 Grams. Some household items which have a weight in a similar range are a hair bobby pin, Q-Tip, peppercorn, or standard
    office staple. While carat refers to the physical weight of a stone, you will find that a well cut stone will have a common diameter which can be compared to a standard dime.

    Carat size comparison to a Dime mobile version


    By replacing one larger solitaire stone with an elegant multi-stone cluster design, we offer rings with a much bigger look (and often higher carat weight) but without the higher price!

    Solitaire vs Cluster graph


    Internal imperfections and external irregularities affect the clarity of the diamond by interfering with the passage of light throughout the stone. Imperfections such as spots, lines, or bubbles are known as inclusions. The diamond is more valuable
    when it has fewer inclusions. According to the GIA's quality analysis system, clarity is graded on a scale ranging from flawless (FL or IF) to imperfect (I). The system is based on the visibility of inclusions at a magnification of 10x.

    Diamond Quality Analysis System Graph mobile version


    My Trio Rings offers diamonds with clarity ranging from SI1-SI2 to I1-I2; they have some inclusions but they're not usually noticeable to the naked eye. There is a huge variation in quality available in these grades; we select diamonds that have
    the best clarity and sparkle in an affordable price range (for example, those with inclusions located on the side of a stone, where they're much less visible than in the center). You don't need to pay exponentially more on a higher clarity diamond
    just because it looks better under a magnifying glass.


    Each diamond is cut using an exact mathematical formula to unleash its maximum brilliance and fire. The cut can also refer to the number of facets, or flat faces that the diamond has.

    The most common cut is the round brilliant which has 58 flat, polished facets that reflect the most possible light. The mathematical formula also takes into account the depth of the cut. If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep it will lose some of its “fire” or “life.” A well-cut diamond will reflect the light and refract it back to your eye. Cut is not to be confused with shape.

    Anatomy of Diamond graph mobile version


    A skillful cut emphasizes a diamond's assets, while minimizing flaws. The diamond cutters at My Trio Rings work meticulously to let the most light shine through each stone, and to keep any imperfections imperceptible to the naked eye.

  • Diamond Trends

    Diamond Trends

    When you think about the phrase “bridal fashion” you tend to compare it to the fast moving fashion industry. But when it comes to the Bridal market, it’s a careful balance of “timeless evolution”. Diamond ring styles don’t change dramatically every season, the way apparel trends do. Diamond styles tend to go through new evolutions every few years led by an individual's strong taste preference or a few key trendsetters (like the famed Princess Diana Ring). Below we’ll cover a few of the most recent trends that modern couples are seeking and a bit of information about what makes them unique.

    Halo Rings

    Halo engagement rings feature a center diamond encircled by smaller accent diamonds, creating the illusion of a much larger (and more expensive) center stone.

    Featured Halo Rings

    Round Cut Premium Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Princess Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Halo Ring

    Halos & Clusters

    Halo wedding rings and Cluster wedding rings involve using multiple stones for the final effect. Many smaller stones in a design are far more affordable than single solitaire stones. Explore our
    Clustercollections to see what a big difference they provide!

    Solitaire Rings

    Solitaire engagement rings offer a classic, elegant look: a single center diamond – some also featuring smaller accent diamonds.

    Featured Solitaire Rings

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT323W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT705W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Solitaire Ring BT324W10KE

    Cluster Rings

    Cluster engagement rings feature a center setting made up of several smaller stones, instead of a large solitaire; this design shows off a lot of sparkle for a very reasonable price. This is one of My Trio Ring’s core strengths -- you won’t
    find a bigger offering anywhere else!

    Featured Cluster Rings

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT109W10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT103Y10KE

    Diamond Ladies Engagement Cluster Ring BT110W10KE

    Three Stone

    Past Present and Future rings represent a couple's history as a couple, their present day celebration of love and the future of their commitment as a couple!

    Featured Three Stone

    Princess Round Baguette Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring BT322W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring BT571W10KE

    Two Stone

    Two stone rings are a very new concept with two stones at the top of the ring representing the two hearts that make a relationship one. This often carries different meaning for different couples whether the ring is to commemorate husband &
    wife or a mother & daughter bond!

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT721W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT719W10KE

    Round Cut Diamond Two Stone Ring BT722W10KE

  • Start 2014 With Savings: Wedding Ring Sets on Sale!

    Happy New Year! As we celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, we want to make sure you’re aware of the holiday sales we have going on right now. If you’re planning on getting engaged or walking down the aisle within the coming year, check out our wedding ring sets on sale. We guarantee that you won’t be able to find more beautiful rings at these prices. Take a look at some of our holiday special diamond rings:

    Wedding Ring Sets

    1. 1/4 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

    If you’re looking to buy all of your wedding rings at once, check out this 1/4 CT. diamond trio set. All three rings are made with 14K white gold and round diamonds. All three of these rings combined have over 30 glittering diamonds! The retail price for this set is $1499.99, and we usually sell it for $589.99. Right now, it’s on sale for $549.99. Our customers love this set just as much as we do:

    “This 1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Trio set, in White Gold, is the perfect fit for my personality. Not to flashy or big; I love that the actual ring is thinner then your normal ring. The shape of the diamond is unique and when offset with a band of diamonds, it looks like a 1 CT ring. I love how elegant and sophisticated this ring appears. Plus the price for all three is something that can't be beat!” - Erin. L.

    2. 1/2 CT. Trio Matching Wedding Ring Set

    If you’re looking for a wedding ring set with a classic feel, look at this 1/2 CT. diamond wedding ring set. These diamond rings are made with 10K white gold. There’s something truly special about sharing matching wedding rings with your significant other. This set gives you that opportunity at a rock-bottom cost. The retail cost of this set is $1999.99, and we normally sell it at $799.99. You can get it on sale today for $749.99! Here’s a customer review about this particular set:

    “I love this set. It is petite and elegant. It's got a nice blingy sparkle to it, but is still subtle enough to not be ostentatious.” - Stephanie B.

    Wedding Band Sets

    1. 1/4 CT. Wedding Band Set

    If you already have the engagement ring but want matching wedding bands, here’s a wedding band set for you to consider. This 1/4 CT. diamond wedding band set is made with 10K white gold, and the rings have a combined total of over 35 round, conflict-free diamonds. The retail price for this set is $1299.99. We normally sell this set at $509.99, but you can get it today for $479.99.

    2. 1/10 CT. Wedding Band Set

    If you’re looking for matching wedding bands that incorporate both white gold and yellow gold, you’ve found it! This 1/10 CT wedding band set will match a wide variety of engagement rings. Each ring has 3 natural diamonds in a diagonal line. The retail price for these diamond rings is $999.99, but we usually sell it for $399.99. It’s currently on sale for $369.99. Here’s a customer review about this gorgeous set:

    “Love this set of rings. They look so natural and beautiful. And the price is very good for the quality you get.” - Vijeta A.

    Take a look at all the wedding ring sets we have on sale right now!

  • Style Review- The Bridgette Collection

    altHere at My Trio Rings, we know we shouldn’t have favorites, but sometimes we just can’t help it! That’s how we feel when it comes to this gorgeous 1/2 Carat, 14K white gold, round-cut diamond wedding ring set - Bridgette Collection. If you’re looking for a classic and vintage inspired ring set, look no further. This is one of our most popular trio wedding ring sets, and it’s easy to see why. Just take one look at a photo of these white gold rings studded with diamond and you’ll fall in love, too. Here are a couple aspects of this wedding ring set that makes it unique:

    1. Styling

    We love the way these rings are styled, especially the engagement ring. The engagement ring features a sparkling solitaire diamond at the center. The solitaire diamond is surrounded by several round cut diamond in a square formation. Round accents on the outside on all three of these bands make the diamonds in the middle pop.

    2. Diamonds

    This trio wedding ring set has a whopping 78 round diamonds. If you’ve been looking for rings that are a little understated but will catch people’s attention, you’ve found them in this set. These glittering diamonds will catch the sunlight beautifully and might even stop traffic!

    3. Matching

    We’re big on matching wedding rings here at My Trio Rings, simply because we think having matching rings is pretty special. Wedding rings are meant to signify your commitment to each other as a couple, and having your rings complement each other perfectly strengthens the symbol of that bond. If you want to stand out as a married couple, matching wedding rings are the way to go, and this set might be perfect for you!

    4. Reviews

    We’re not the only ones who love these particular diamond rings. Just look at what our customers have to say about this style:

    “I'm very pleased with my purchase. My ring is a liittle smaller than I expected but it's very beautiful.” - Valerie B., AL

    “This set is beautiful. I normally wear a 6.5 but when I printed out the size chart it said I was a 7.5 I spoke to customer service and the rep said go with the size I normally wear. I'm glad I did. The ring fits perfectly. Their customer service staff was friendly and helpful.” - Marlon D., FL

    Browse our full selection of trio wedding ring sets for your perfect match

  • 4 New Year's Wedding Proposal Ideas

    This time of year is called the holiday season for a reason. Not only do we have holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, but we also have New Year's to look forward to! New Year’s Eve or Day is the perfect symbolic time for a marriage proposal. You’re reflecting back on your relationship while making a promise for a new start in the coming year. Plus, it’s a pretty magical occasion. Think of the fireworks, the countdowns, and the confetti. If you’re thinking about a New Year's proposal, here are a few wedding proposal ideas to consider:

    1. Countdown

    If you’re planning on being at a New Year’s Eve party this year, work your proposal into the countdown. Right before the countdown begins, tell your sweetheart that you want to tell her why she’s the one for you. Give her a reason in between each number. (You’ll want to come up with them and practice ahead of time so you’re not struggling through the list.) Then, when the clock strikes midnight, ask her to marry you. The great thing about this proposal idea is that you can make it as private or as public as you want. For example, if you want the moment to be a little more intimate, just whisper “will you marry me?” in her ear. If you want it to be more public, get on your knee and ask in front of all your friends.

    2. Calendar

    New Year's is a time of both reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead. Grab a calendar for 2013. Go through the calendar and write down your favorite memories over the past year. Include anniversaries, birthdays, trips, holidays together, and more. The more detailed you can make this, the better. Include photos where you can. Then, either on New Year’s Eve or New Year's Day, tell her you forgot to give her this one last present. Let her go through the calendar. When she gets to the end, present her with one of our glittering diamond rings and ask her to marry you.

    3. Resolutions

    Tell your partner that you want to make resolutions together. Give her about a week to come up with hers. Then, arrange a time on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day when you can read them together. Plan it so that you will read her resolutions out loud first. Then, allow her to read yours out loud. After she’s done, tell her she forgot one and hand her a slip of paper that says something like, “make [her name] my wife.” While she’s reading it, get down on one knee and get ready to give her your speech!

    4. Restaurant

    If you’re a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant proposal. Make a reservation at her absolute favorite restaurant. You can even go all out and leave her money that morning to go shopping for a new outfit. (Or, if you’re fashionable enough to know what she likes, pick up an outfit for her by yourself.) You could also have a car pick you both up to take you to the restaurant. You can do a restaurant proposal a variety of ways. The ring could be at the bottom of a glass of champagne. It could be on a covered plate they bring out for dessert. Just make sure your waiter knows what to do!

    If you’re popping the question soon, make sure you have one of our sparkling diamond rings to accompany your proposal. Don’t forget that you’ll get 10% your wedding band purchase when you purchase your engagement ring from us!

  • 3 Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year...especially for proposals! The holiday season is the most popular time of the year to pop that all-important question, and there’s no question as to why. Everything and everyone seems more alive, and there’s a sense of hope, joy, and love in the air. This time of the year is truly magical-- just take a look outside! Lights are in the trees, snow is on the ground, and Christmas music is coming through every open doorway. All of these things combined creates the most romantic time of the year and presents the perfect opportunity to get on one knee. If you know you want to propose this holiday season, but you’re not sure how, check out these wedding proposal ideas:

    1. Christmas Lights

    Okay, here’s your warning up front: this idea is going to take a lot of work, But you know what they say: big risk, big rewards! Here it is-- write out your proposal with Christmas lights on your house. Start by making sure your sweetheart will be gone all day so she can’t interfere or spot what you’re up to. Next, you’re probably going to want to enlist some help. Think about whether you want the lights to be white, colored, twinkling, etc. Then get to work! You can spell it out on your house, her house, a house you share together, a family home, or maybe even a building that means a lot to her or you as a couple. Be creative! Just keep imagining her face when she sees her name in lights and you standing next to her on one knee.

    2. In Flight

    Will you be traveling this holiday season? If you want a memorable public proposal, consider proposing while you’re on the plane. That way, you’ll arrive to your destination as an engaged couple and can share the news with all your friends and family. Here’s how you do it. First, search our selection of diamond rings and pick out the perfect one. Then, talk to the flight attendants when you first get on the plane without making it obvious to your sweetheart. Ask them if you can use the speaker system to propose in mid flight. When you think the time is right, make sure she’s not sleeping and then tell her you have to go to the bathroom. Instead, you’ll go to the front of the plane and use the speaker system to propose.

    3. Ice Skating

    Even if you or your partner aren’t big ice skaters, this proposal idea can still work for you. I recommend an outdoor rink. There’s something really romantic about ice skating on a rink surrounded by lit trees while listening to Christmas music. If you want a more private proposal, you can call ahead and rent the rink for an hour or so. If you want a public proposal, just go for it. You can also call ahead and request they play her favorite Christmas song at a certain time. Then, when you hear it, take her to the middle of the rink and launch into your speech about how much she means to you. Then present her with a sparkling diamond ring. (You might have to forgo getting down on one knee with this option as it might prove difficult.)

    If you’re proposing this holiday season, make sure you have everything you need. Check out our selection of diamond rings so you can cross off the most important element on your to-do list!

  • Why Gold and Diamond Rings?

    Have you ever wondered why engagement rings are typically made with gold and diamonds? Think about it: gold and diamond rings are practically synonymous with engagement rings. But why gold when it could be any other metal? And why diamonds when there are countless other gemstones available? I wondered about the significance of this and decided to do some research. I think you’ll be interested in what I found:

    Diamonds in Engagement Rings

    1. Diamonds weren’t always the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies were more commonly used in and before the 17th and 18th century.

    2. Diamonds are thought to be the hardest and most unbreakable mineral, which is why it easily became a symbol for the bond created in marriage.

    3. The first record use of a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

    4. The traditional use of diamond rings as engagement rings is actually related to a the success of De Beers, a company which launched in the 1930s. De Beers inspired the enthusiasm of fashion moguls, who decided diamond rings were the new trend, and even major Hollywood stars began to wear them. In 1947, De Beers rolled out its now famous tagline: “A Diamond is Forever.” Sales of diamond engagement rings skyrocketed, and within just a few decades, over 80% of engaged American women wore diamond rings.

    Gold in Engagement Rings

    1. The use of gold in a token of love or betrothal goes all the way back to the BC era. According to Pliny the Elder, Roman grooms gave their brides a gold ring and an iron ring. The gold ring was to be worn during the wedding ceremony and at special occasions. The iron ring was to be worn at home.

    2.  By an overwhelming margin, the most popular metal used to make engagement rings is white gold. Just look at our diamond wedding sets for proof -- the most popular sets are made with white gold.

    3. Over 90% of the world’s gold has already been mined, which makes it rare and extremely valuable.

    4. Gold is durable and malleable, which ideally represents your bond as a couple. That’s why gold is the predominant metal of choice when it comes to engagement rings.

    Are you planning on proposing this holiday season? Make sure you check out our selection of diamond wedding sets!

  • Our Customers’ Favorite Composite Engagement Rings

    Composite engagement rings are all the rage right now. Don’t know what composite engagement rings are? The term is used to describe rings with cluster diamond heads. These rings are elegant, timeless, and have an extra sparkle due to the multiple diamonds featured on the cluster head. If you’ve been looking for a ring that will catch the sunlight and stop traffic, this style is for you. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our most loved cluster engagement rings, as described by our happy customers.

    1. 1/3 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

    This particular cluster engagement ring has an almost floral design to it, which gives an otherwise classic ring a little flair. It’s made with 10K white gold and has a beautiful illusion solitaire head. It has a total of 13 sparkling diamonds. Our customers love it just as much as we do:

    “I have nothing wrong to say.. the ring is exact to picture and always sparkles! Could not be happier.. Will definitely be coming back for my wedding and husband to be rings :)” -- Shanna B.

    “This ring is absolutely gorgeous, my dream engagement ring. I adore the flower design in the diamonds and appreciate that it isn't gaudy or showy. I love petite intimate bands. With the 65% discount I might just buy it myself.” -- Caryen C.

    “Beautiful ring! I love almost everything about this ring! I personally like how thin the ring width is, and the shape of the diamond.” -- Vanessa L.

    2. 1/2 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

    Here’s another one of our cluster engagement rings that you’ll adore. This ring has an intricate weaving diamond band and culminates in a circular diamond cluster head. It is made with 14K white gold and features a total of 49 natural diamonds. Check out what our customers have to say about one of our favorite diamond rings:

    “Besides this being a beautiful ring I love how unique the cut of the stone is. Everything about it screams Marry me!” -- Brittany F.

    “I love the simplicity of this ring. It is so delicate with an attention to detail. Not only that but I love the price. Where can you get a ring like this in this price range nowadays? But I [just] love the look and price of this ring.” -- Amy G.

    3. 1/7 CT. Diamond Ladies’ Engagement Ring

    If you prefer beautifully simplicity, you’ll love this composite ring. While this ring is simple, it’s not ordinary. It shines, but it has an understated beauty to it. This ring is made with 10K white gold and has 5 glittering diamonds. Here are what our customers have to say about this gorgeous ring:

    “I love this ring! Its simple and elegant. Defiantly the pretties ring i have ever seen.” -- Ashley A.

    “Simple, not gaudy. I love white gold!” -- Stephanie C.

    “This ring is beautiful and simple. I especially love that it isn't silver, but white gold. It's simplicity makes it elegant and that's why I cannot get enough of this ring. It's just classy.” -- Courtney B.

    “Simple but still beautiful. I love it!” -- Sam G.

    Make sure to check out our entire collection of composite engagement rings.

  • Diamond Cluster Rings for Any Budget

    If you purchase a trio wedding ring set, then you will be better able to stick to your wedding ring budget. This is especially true if you choose a trio of diamond cluster rings, which will save you even more money. Whatever your budget is for a set of three real diamond rings (an engagement ring plus two wedding bands), you are likely to find something in your price range that fits your style. Certainly a higher budget offers more choices in just about any situation, but a jeweler like My Trio Rings offers something for everyone at any price.

    $600 Wedding Ring Budget

    Spending only $600 on three coordinating diamond rings is a true bargain. If this is your budget target, then one option is a set of diamond cluster rings that features a total weight of 1/2 carats of diamonds set in 10 K white gold. This particular set features a simple, modern look with a straight line of diamonds nestled within a band of white gold. For only $550.99 (and free shipping!), such a trio wedding ring set could be on its way to you.

    $800 Wedding Ring Budget

    For $775.99, you can come in under your $800 budget for three diamond cluster rings if you choose another set with clean, modern lines. This particular set of inexpensive, high quality wedding rings contains a total weight of 1 carat of diamonds clustered together in 14 K yellow gold. These diamonds, rather than appearing nestled within the gold band, reach almost to the edge of the band, giving a striking appearance, especially in the engagement ring, which also features a large 9-diamond square cluster as its centerpiece.

    $1000 Wedding Ring Budget

    If you are seeking a trio wedding ring set for under $1000, then you are hoping to spend on average less than $333 per ring. This is still a significant savings over purchasing typical diamond solitaire rings separately from a brick-and-mortar jeweler. Within this price range, you have many choices from a jeweler such as My Trio Rings. Indeed, one such choice is a romantic three-piece set that includes 1/2 carat of diamonds set in 14 K white gold. This romantic look dazzles with diagonal bands of diamonds with swirling accent lines. Such rings could coordinate well with more old-fashioned gowns as well as with more modern, asymmetrical wedding gowns that feature a diagonal swoosh in the bodice.

  • A Brief History of Wedding Ring Sets

    While shopping for wedding ring sets online is a relatively new convenience, the wedding rings themselves belong to a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

    The wedding ring was first used in ancient Egypt, where grasses and reeds were woven into circles symbolic of eternity and completeness. The Egyptians were also the first to place the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, believing that the vein from that finger led directly to the heart (the Romans called this the vena amoris, or “vein of love”). Over the course of time, temporary grass rings were replaced by rings made of leather, bone, and eventually soft metals.

    Romans chose to use iron in their wedding bands, believing the strength of the metal to symbolize the strength of their love. Gold gained popularity in later centuries, and by the Middle Ages, the diamond was routinely used in wedding rings, along with other gemstones. The use of silver in rings had a brief revival in the Renaissance, and rings were inscribed with sentimental phrases and poems.

    Wedding rings were almost entirely reserved for women until the mid-twentieth century, when the many separations caused by World War II (and increased marketing from jewelry companies) spurred men to begin wearing rings to serve as sentimental reminders of home. Before 1930, only 15% of marriages used wedding ring sets for both partners, while a mere fifteen years later, 80% of married men sported a band.

    One of the first wedding ring sets may have been the sixteenth-century European gimmels. These rings combined to make a trio ring set that would have been separated prior to marriage – one ring for the prospective bride, one for the groom, and the third for a witness – and then rejoined into one ring to place on the bride’s hand on her wedding day. Tiffany and Co. introduced the solitaire diamond ring in 1886, but recent innovations in ring manufacturing, including the development of diamond cluster rings and trio ring sets have made it affordable for anyone to join in the historic tradition of exchanging rings to symbolize true love.

    Photo Credit: Lisa H

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