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  • 4 Things You Don’t Need to Buy for Your Budget Wedding

    When you are planning your wedding, everyone seems to have an opinion, and it can be overwhelming to think of everything you need to buy or do before the big day. Just looking at the different checklists is enough to send you into a cold sweat!

    Luckily, not every item on every to-do list is an actual necessity. When you plan a budget wedding, you have to prioritize and decide what is actually important to you… and what is just important to other people. Give yourself permission to let go of the things you don’t really want or need, and just focus on what is most meaningful to you as a couple. Through these small choices - saving money on details you don’t care about and buying affordable his and hers wedding bands - you will have more freedom to splurge on other items.

    1. Wedding Favors

    Buying a small gift to send home with each wedding guest is a nice gesture but not a requirement. If you decide not to buy favors, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your budget wedding, and your guests won’t even miss them. They’ll be having too much fun celebrating your special day.

    2. Videographer

    If you can’t think of a time when you will want to sit down and watch a video of your entire wedding day, this might be an area where you can save. Many couples spend thousands of dollars on a professional videographer, only to watch the final product one time. Instead, ask trusted friends to capture a few of the important moments - exchanging his and hers wedding bands and saying your vows, cutting the cake, dancing for the first time as a married couple. You can also have your maid of honor or best man ask guests to send candid video clips and photos after the wedding so you can compile a highlight video later on.

    3. Flowers

    This recommendation goes against tradition, but if you are working with a limited budget, consider not having flowers at all at your wedding. Flowers are beautiful but can quickly get expensive for bouquets, venue decor and and table arrangements. Look at alternatives, such as grains, leaves, fruit or other seasonal and regional decorations.

    4. Programs or Invitations

    Designing, printing and mailing costs can add up when you multiply by 100 or 200 or more guests. Though many modern couples still opt for traditional printed invitations, RSVP cards and ceremony programs, they aren’t mandatory. A well-designed wedding website and paperless invitations can communicate all the information you need your guests to have at a fraction of the cost.

    What would you add to the list?

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    Photo credit: Danielle Holman Wedding

  • Spring Wedding Ideas: Favors, Food & Cakes

    Spring is in the air! (And if winter is still clinging on where you live, we hope it reaches you soon.) Spring is a beautiful time of year to say, “I do,” and start your life as a married couple. Here are a few fresh spring wedding ideas to help you bring out the flavors and favors you love (without breaking the bank). 

    Wedding Favors 

    • Give guests a memento that will last long after the ceremony. Buy small packets of seeds for your favorite flowers, herbs or vegetables and give them as favors, or get crafty with this easy DIY seed matchbook project.
    • If you have a favorite local specialty in the place you’re getting married, such as apricot jam, acacia honey or Texas hot sauce, find small, attractive jars or bottles to give to guests.


    You’re in luck! Spring has an abundance of seasonal produce that you can incorporate into the menu of your budget wedding reception. These spring wedding ideas are sure to be crowd-pleasers:

    • Asparagus: Crispy asparagus and cheese wrapped in puff pastry for an appetizer or roasted asparagus with browned butter as a side dish
    • Apricots: Fresh apricot, walnut and goat cheese tarts for an appetizer
    • Arugula and strawberries: Side salad with arugula, strawberries and almonds 


    Get colorful and flavorful with your wedding cake! 

    • Incorporate in-season fruit into the filling or decorations, or adorn the top of the cake with bright, fresh flowers.
    • If you’re not really a cake person, explore other dessert options, such as cupcakes, fruit tarts, ice cream sundaes or easter egg candies.

    What budget wedding ideas do you recommend for a spring wedding? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  • How to Create a Crowd-Pleasing Wedding Reception Playlist

    The important thing to remember when you are planning your budget wedding reception is that you want to be able to enjoy your own party. The reception is the time when you can finally relax, let down your hair (or kick off your uncomfortable shoes) and dance the night away with your new spouse, your best friends, your parents and even your 90-year-old grandmother. 

    Creating the perfect wedding reception playlist is one of the most fun parts of the planning process, and it gives you an excuse to rock out to “Billie Jean” over and over again. 

    Tips for Picking the Right Budget Wedding Reception Music 

    1. Compare costs.

    You may have your heart set on a live rock ‘n’ roll cover band for your reception, but before you make a decision, find out how much it will cost. A wedding band can provide lively and high-quality entertainment, but it often costs much more than a DJ. If you are trying to keep costs down, research DJs who have good recommendations and are within your budget, or look into the completely DIY route. With a rented sound system, an excellent iPod playlist and a music-savvy friend to keep things moving smoothly, you could create a great dance party for a fraction of the cost.

    2. Consider your audience.

    Whether you decide to hire a DJ or do the music yourself, you will want to come up with a list of songs that you definitely want to hear at the reception (as well as those you definitely do NOT want to hear). When you start to brainstorm your ideal wedding reception playlist, take into account your own personal tastes as well as those of your guests. Try to find a good mix tunes from different genres, eras and tempos that will get everyone out on the dance floor. For example, throw a slow song in for every five fast songs, and choose a little hip-hop and ‘80s pop for your college friends, some old-time rock ‘n’ roll for your parents and their friends and some Rat Pack crooners for your grandparents. You don’t have to go for all crowd-pleasers or wedding standards, but remember that getting too obscure will probably result in an empty dance floor. For example:

    Slow Songs

    "You Send Me" - Sam Cooke 

    "Fly Me to the Moon" - Frank Sinatra 

    "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds 

    "Dance Me to the End of Love" - Madeleine Peyroux 

    "If I Fell" - The Beatles 

    "Always Be My Baby" - Mariah Carey 

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

    Dance Songs 

    "Single Ladies" - Beyonce 

    "Footloose" - Kenny Loggins 

    "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" - Michael Jackson

    "The Twist" - Chubby Checker

    "Push It" - Salt ‘n’ Pepa

    "Say Hey (I Love You)" - Michael Franti & Spearhead 

    "Runaround Sue" - Dion & the Belmonts 

    3. Leave room for flexibility.

    Have a Plan B in case your selections don't seem to be clicking with your guests. Talk to the DJ in advance and give him the freedom to shake up the playlist and rely on his expertise to play songs that will get people moving. If you are going DIY, have a few close friends make back-up playlists on their iPods in case you want to swap them in.

    What are your tips for creating the perfect wedding reception playlist?

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  • Beautiful Music for Your Budget Wedding

    What are your wedding budget priorities? Do you have a beautiful and affordable trio wedding ring set picked out? Did you find a gorgeous gown on sale? What about music? Having the right music to set the mood at your budget wedding and reception is important, but it can also be expensive.

    Generally, it is cheaper to pay for a DJ than for live music. It can also be more affordable to book wedding music for off-peak times of year or even times of the week.  Ask your family and friends for recommendations in your area, and ask around for the best rate before you commit. Once you find the best budget wedding music, it is time to sit down with your DJ and plan out a kick-butt wedding playlist. You may already have a few songs in mind, or maybe just a general genre, but the more your DJ understands your taste in music, the better the party will be.

    Wedding Playlist Ideas

    “What I Like About You” by The Romantics

    “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar

    “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

    “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service

    “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

    “Something in the Way She Moves” by James Taylor

    “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles

    “If I Were a Carpenter” by Johnny Cash

    “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

    “Happy Together” by The Turtles

    “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

    “Marry You” by Bruno Mars

    “At Last” by Etta James

    “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson

    “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles

    “The Story” by Brandi Carlisle

    “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts

    “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

    Use this list of wedding playlist ideas to get your wheels turning about what you would most like to hear your DJ or band play at your budget wedding reception. And join in the conversation in the comments to share your favorite wedding songs!

    Photo credit: Wedding Photography by Jon Day

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  • A Budget Wedding and Budget Honeymoon in One!

    If the idea of planning a budget wedding makes you break
    outin hives, then perhaps coordinating all the details of a more conventionalwedding just isn’t for you. Some couples opt for more simple, budget-friendlyoptions such as tying the knot at city hall and then hosting a small receptionat a favorite restaurant.
    Other couples like the idea of combining theirwedding and honeymoon in one package with a destination wedding or a budgetwedding at sea on a cruise. Indeed, a cruise can be an affordable way tointegrate a budget wedding and a budget honeymoon.

    Benefits of a Budget Wedding on Open Water

    1. Someone Else Will Be in Charge

    If you plan a budget wedding on a cruise ship, most of thework is already done for you. You just need to bring a wedding dress andinexpensive wedding rings. Many cruise ships even
    offer tuxedo rentals onboard. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while someoneelse takes care of all the wedding details, such as arranging music, food, andphotography as part of your cruise wedding package.

    2. You Will Be Pampered

    Even if you stay in the least expensive stateroom with noextras, you can’t avoid being pampered. Someone else makes your bed, takes outyour trash, and brings your free room service. Gourmet three-course dining islikely also included in your package, with
    a few specialty restaurantsavailable for an additional splurge. If you want to splurge, you can also spendtime being pampered at the ship’s spa, perhaps indulging in a couple’s massagebefore or after the budget wedding. Whether or not you decide to
    partake insome of the extras onboard ship, just remember to include tips in your budgetwedding / budget honeymoon cost estimates so that you can show appreciation tothe people who do the pampering.

    3. You Will Be Entertained

    Amenities differ by cruise ship and cruise line, but mosthave something for everyone to enjoy. While you are on the cruise ship, you canlikely kick back by the pool, read in the library, have a mini-golfcompetition, learn to ice skate, unwind in the hot
    tub, view free theatricalperformances, take classes, or participate in a wide variety of other freeactivities.

    4. You Can Have Adventures

    When the cruise ship is at port, you can venture off on yourown to enjoy a more private budget honeymoon or participate in adventures withyour wedding guests. You can probably go parasailing, take a jeep tour, exploreancient ruins, go swimming with dolphins
    or sea turtles or sting rays, ride ona pirate ship or glass-bottom boat, climb a waterfall, take a horse andcarriage ride, go scuba diving, take a hike, go shopping, or relax in a hammockon the beach, depending on where you are and depending on your
    budget andtastes.

    You can make a luxurious,all-inclusive cruise vacation work well for your budget wedding and honeymoon.Get started by picking affordable rings today!

    Photo credit: coolinsights

  • Planning a Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

    One of the best ways to unwind and relax
    after the budget weddingand reconnect as a couple is to get out of town together. When you are planninga honeymoon on a budget, it is important to find the balance between getting awaytogether on an incredible journey of relaxation or adventure and
    staying withinyour price range. Expected travel expenses include such things astransportation, lodging, food, entertainment, and even souvenirs. Fortunately,there is a website that can help cut costs significantly.

    If you are planning a honeymoon on a budget, consider usingairbnb. Airbnbis a website with listings for rooms, houses, apartments, treehouses, RVs, andother lodging opportunities worldwide. Rather
    than staying in an impersonalhotel room, you could spend your honeymoon in an authentic home abroad,shopping at local markets, and cooking and living like locals in anothercountry. Or perhaps you would prefer to stay somewhere closer to home afteryour
    budget wedding.

    Picture this: use frequent flier miles to help pay for yourairfare, or drive a fuel efficient car to the honeymoon destination of yourchoice. Rent a home for a week or two. Plan on most of your culinary adventurestaking place in the kitchen, thus saving great
    deal of money. And consider some of these amazing lodging deals orothers like them for your honeymoon on a budget:

    1. A modern flat in Croatia for $39 per night

    2. A southwestern schoolhouse in New Mexico for $129 per night

    3. A treehouse in Hawaii for $40 per night

    4. An Airstream trailer in Portland for $50 per night

    5. A luxury villa in Kenya for $83 per night

    6. A private cabin in Belize for $40 per night

    7. A cottage on the Aeolian islands for $65 per night

    Where is the honeymoonof your dreams?

    Photo credit:visit~fingerlakes

  • Top 10 Reasons to Propose this Fall with a Trio Wedding Ring Set





    The sun is shining through the colorful leaves. Cool fall
    breezes are blowing. Change is in the air. Is it time for you to make a change in your life? Perhaps you are considering a proposal this fall, but you are still on the fence. Is now the right time for you to propose?

    10 Reasons to Proposethis Fall

    1. You know that he is the one.

    Maybe you have had many boyfriends, or maybe it has alwaysbeen him. Regardless, you know in your heart that he is the person that youwant to spend the rest of your life with, the person you want to share forbetter or for worse with.

    2. You see eye-to-eye on important issues like money, religion,and children.

    You have a solid foundation for starting a life togetherwith compatible values, attitudes, goals, and dreams. You’ve discussed the futureand have a shared vision for what it might look like as a couple.

    3. You are ready to start your life together.

    It is fun to go on dates and spend time together, but youare ready to start creating an entire life together.

    4. You know that he is ready, too.

    Sometimes women are more ready for commitment than men, butyou feel secure in your relationship and confident that you are both ready fortaking the next step forward together.

    5. You are a confident woman.

    You are a confident go-getter. You are sure of yourself anddon’t feel the need to wait for him to plan a proposal.

    6. You can afford a trio wedding ring set.

    You are ready to purchase a trio wedding ring set for thetwo of you, or maybe you have a couple of possibilities bookmarked to show himafter you pop the question.

    7. You can afford a budget wedding.

    You are in a good financial situation as a couple to be ableto afford to plan and execute a budget wedding in the near future.

    8. You have an exciting proposal plan.

    Maybe you want to propose to him at a baseball game beforethe end of the regular season, or you have another proposal idea in mind thatyou are ready to act on.

    9. You might want to plan a budget wedding for the fall orwinter.

    If you want to get married soon, then you will want to getmarried even sooner

    10. There is no time like the present!

    Are you ready to propose? Get started with a trio weddingring set today!

    Photo credit: Forest Wander

  • A Vision of an Outdoor Budget Wedding

    You’ve found the love of a lifetime. You’ve proposed.
    You’ve chosen a trio wedding ring set together. But now that the time has come,
    what will your budget wedding actually be like? Feeling stumped? Picture this

    It is a gorgeous fall day. The sun shines brightly through the changing leaves
    that rustle in a gentle breeze. You and your groom stand hand-in-hand by the
    lake at the local state park, surrounded by your closest family and friends.
    You are holding a bouquet of seasonal wildflowers in front of your mom’s altered
    wedding dress. He is wearing his favorite suit.

    Your minister marries you as a flock of geese flies over the
    glistening lake. After the kiss, you and your new husband wander together over
    to the picnic shelter where your budget wedding feast is waiting. Since you
    saved so much money by choosing an outdoor wedding with a small guest list and
    modest attire, you are able to splurge on a catered gourmet picnic lunch.

    With your beautiful trio wedding ring set on your fingers at last, you are both able to relax and enjoy the moment
    together with a small, intimate group of guests. Unlike many couples, you
    actually are able to sit down and enjoy your own wedding food. While you are kicking
    back with the people you love most, your favorite wedding photographer will continue
    to take breathtaking pictures to help you remember this day for years to come.

    You and your guests savor the fresh air and sunshine while
    eating pan seared lemonfish, grilled asparagus, a mixed greens salad with
    apricots and toasted hazelnuts, and a crisp white wine. For dessert, you chose
    the nicest bakery in town to make a luscious almond wedding cake topped with
    raspberries. And before you know it, it will be time to depart on your budget honeymoon!

    Start planning your budget wedding with My Trio Rings today!

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  • Best Budget Wedding Dances

    When you are planning a budget wedding, one challenge is tofind
    the best prices and prioritize your hopes and dreams without scrimping oncreativity and individuality. If you can find a good deal on your receptionmusic, one fun way to express yourselves as a couple is during the dancing. Youhave a groom. You have
    a date. You have a venue. You have an inexpensivewedding ring set. Now is the time to plan the dances! Here are a few creativeideas to get you started.

    1. The Whole Wedding Party Dance

    If you have a wedding party that is made up of good dancers,or at least people who would be willing to get out there and try, then youmight want to recreate something like this couple,who
    started their first dance as a married couple to a sedate slow dance, butone minute in broke out into a snappy number from “Grease,” with the assistanceof their entire wedding party. A dance like this could be choreographed with alive band or with a
    DJ, depending on your budget and music preferences.

    2. Father - Daughter Dance

    If some members of your wedding party have two left feet ora little bit of stage fright, how about Dad? Would he be excited about makingsome moves for a memorable father - daughter dance at your budget weddingreception? This dad has very smooth moves and appears to have a playful sense of humor as he danceshis daughter into her new life. The father – daughter dance is a time when mostof the attention is on the bride, her wedding gown, and her
    inexpensive weddingring set. It is a great time to shine and express some originality.

    3. Bride and Groom Dance

    How well does the new bride and groom work together? Thiscouple shows off their romantic side when they start dancing slowly to “UnchainedMelody.” Then all of a sudden, the
    couple breaks into a marvelous rendition of “BabyGot Back,” with wild cheers from all of their guests.

    Plan an original budget wedding today!

    Photo credit: Nuno Duarte

  • Surprise Your Man with a Trio Wedding Ring Set

    Ladies, are you ready to get
    married? Are you fairly certainthat your guy is also ready to take the plunge and start planning a budgetwedding with you? One good sign is that he initiates conversations about ashared long-term future together and can’t wait to spend his life with
    you.Just because he is ready to commit doesn’t necessarily mean that he has workedup the nerve to propose yet! Fortunately, there is no rule that says that youcan’t be the one to pop the question. To get started, choose a trio weddingring set that incorporates
    your style with his.

    A Trio Wedding Ring Set for Every Guy

    1. The Sports Fan

    If your guy would rather be glued to a sports game thandoing just about anything else, then you might want to consider a trio weddingring set such as this one that
    has a thicker men’s wedding band with styling reminiscent of a class ringor sports ring. The ladies’ wedding band is a smaller version of the men’swedding band, and the engagement ring features sixteen princess cut diamonds ina central square feature
    set in yellow gold. All this bling can be yours foryou and your husband-to-be for $799.99.

    2. The Sensitive Guy

    Some guys prefer a more masculine design, while other guyslean towards the romantic for their wedding band. If your guy has fun cookingdinner with you, discussing your favorite novels, or catching the latest romcom together, then he might like a wedding
    band with more subtle and elegantstyling, such as this one carat diamond trio wedding ring set that is set in white gold. In addition
    to tastefully stunning diamonds, these ringsalso offer romantic detailing on the bands, all for $1049.99.

    3. The Outdoorsman

    If your husband-to-be is happiest stomping through thewoods, fishing by the lake, or just spending time soaking in the greatoutdoors, then you might like to choose this ring set that features a curving leaf-like design. This 14 K white gold ring setincludes ¼ carat total diamond weight for only $579.99

    Even if your guy doesn’t fit into any of these categories,keep shopping around for the budget wedding ring set that is right for you. Now you are well on yourway to planning
    your budget wedding!

    Photo credit:benluckman

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