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  • How to Elope on a Budget and a Timeline

    When you envision your dream wedding, you may not see a lacy white wedding dress, elaborate arrangements of flowers, and an audience full of guests. You may see you and your partner exchanging vows on a beach with only an officiant and a couple of witnesses, or the two of you standing in front of a Justice of the Peace. Many couples forgo a big wedding production in favor of a simple ceremony. Eloping saves money, hassle, and time.


    Even if you're eloping, you can still get creative and have your wedding just the way you want it. Here are five ideas for eloping on a budget and timeline that will help you arrange a memorable wedding day, without all the fuss. 

    1. Choose a venue and your witnesses.

    Take some time as a couple to outline your priorities for your wedding. Do you want to skip the big production altogether and save the money for a shared project or goal? Or do you want to have a celebration that's small and intimate, with just your nearest and dearest? Would you like to be close to home, or take an adventure to a faraway destination? If you plan to travel, what's within your budget and timeframe? If you'll be bringing your own witnesses, be realistic about where they can travel with you. Some chapels will provide their own staff as witnesses, but make sure to check in advance. 

    2. Get a marriage license.

    Marriage license requirements vary by location, so look up your state for the marriage license fee and where to apply. If you're on a very tight timeline, be sure to check these rules before you make any arrangements you can't change. 

    3. Buy your rings.

    The wedding band sets at My Trio Rings are perfect for eloping. They come as customizable and matching sets, so you'll be certain to find one that fits your budget and style. Create your own bridal ring sets, trio ring sets or engagement rings with the setting, gold color, diamond carat and other features you want.

    We also ship quickly worldwide from our New York City location, so no matter where you decide to get hitched, we can get your rings to you easily. Ground shipping in the United States is free, and we also offer two-day or overnight shipping for a small extra fee. And if you change your mind and decide you want different trio or bridal ring sets, we have a free 30-day return policy. Bottom line: if your wedding date is rapidly approaching, you can rest easy knowing that your rings will arrive before your big day! 

    4. Pick out what to wear.


    This is a special day, so wear something that makes you feel great. For some, that's a suit for the groom and a traditional wedding dress for the bride. For others, it's faded jeans and a sundress. If you're looking for a traditional dress, see our post on Where to Buy and Sell Used Wedding Items for dresses that are lovely and barely worn. You might also borrow a wedding dress from a family member or friend. After all, it's not getting much use hanging in the closet!

    If you and your partner are eloping far from home, you could also take an impromptu shopping trip together to find your wedding clothes. Be open to the unconventional, and you might be surprised what gems you discover in thrift shops, outlet malls or tiny boutiques. Use safety pins to make quick modifications to new threads that don't have time for formal alterations. 

    5. Plan your honeymoon. 

    Some couples save on the wedding and splurge on big honeymoon, like a trip around the world. Others keep the honeymoon as simple as the ceremony and take a "mini-moon" to a nearby destination, perhaps the place where you first fell in love, or a town you've always wanted to visit.

    Make sure you do plan some time for just the two of you, ideally something out of your normal routine. Even if you just make a long weekend at home out of it, staying in and eating breakfast in bed, you'll appreciate the rest and relaxation. Don't become so focused on figuring out how to elope that you forget to build in time for your first days as a married couple!

    Excited to elope? Before you do, choose one of our customizable wedding band sets!


  • Trio Wedding Ring Sets are Tried and True

    Are you ready for marriage but terrified by the idea of diamond shopping? Are you in the dark about the seemingly mysterious language of the 4 C’s? Are you uncertain about how to save money on real diamond wedding rings? Are you unsure of what trio wedding ring sets are? Do you feel undecided about whether to shop in person or online for diamond cluster rings? Look no further than the advice and testimonials of wedding ring shoppers just like you. Here’s what they have to say:

    1. Ordering trio wedding ring sets online is straightforward and easy.

    “I just have to say that My Trio Rings is fantastic! From the time we ordered our rings and to the day they were delivered, I was really truly impressed. I must admit I had reservations about ordering our set online, but throughout the process I was always updated either through chat or email and or the phone. I cannot express how much we were impressed with the quality and the professionalism with which we were treated.”

    -C. Ecker, March 2011

    2. Diamond cluster rings are both high-quality and stunningly beautiful.

    “I just want you to know that I love your website. I recently purchased a trio ring set. Let me just say I LOVE THE RINGS, I LOVE THE RINGS, OH, CAN I SAY IT AGAIN, LOVE THE RINGS. LOL needless to say I am very pleased with the rings, and your customer service is out of this world. One of your service reps called me on Wednesday to verify my billing address. He stated that I should get them in 2 business days. I received them the very next day. My husband-to-be and I opened up the box, and we both said, “Wow!” at the same time. I just want you to know that we are telling everyone we know about your website and your quality rings that you sell.”

    -E. Henson, March 2011

    3. Shopping online for trio wedding ring sets equals excellent service and no pressure.

    “Dear My Trio Rings, My new rings are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! They are so sparkly!! The customer service was out of this world. Too bad other internet companies don't have the same standards. We are 100% satisfied with our purchase! Thank you "My Trio" for your exceptional customer service, your lightning fast shipping, and your excellent quality of rings! I will cherish my rings for many years to come and I will be sure to let anyone who asks know exactly where they came from. You guys are awesome! Keep up the fantastic work!!”

    -L. Fowler, April 2011

    Read more testimonials from other wedding jewelry customers or share your own story.

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  • Wait on a Trio Wedding Ring Set

    You’re ready to spend your life with your girlfriend. You feel excited about proposing marriage. You are starting to hunt for the perfect…three rings?

    Perhaps the idea of purchasing three rings at once, especially if you are surprising your girlfriend and making the decision on your own, seems a little too much. If that is the case, don’t worry! It’s okay to wait. You can still save a great deal of money on wedding jewelry without purchasing a trio wedding ring set all at once. Here’s the plan:

    1. Select a diamond cluster engagement ring that best fits your girlfriend’s taste.

    Think about her style of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and even home decor. Try to remember specific pieces of jewelry you have heard her admire, in case she was trying to drop you a subtle hint. Does she have a more modern style? Is she a traditional woman? Is she a die-hard romantic? Does she prefer things to be plain and simple? Or does she have a more showy style? Plan to spend between $160 and $615 on the diamond cluster engagement ring that your girlfriend will love the most.

    2. Purchase the ring.

    3. Plan a proposal.

    4. Purchase matching wedding bands.

    If you purchased a diamond cluster engagement ring from My Trio Rings that your fiancé loves, it is easy to purchase the coordinating wedding bands. Let’s say you chose this 1/2 Carat diamond-studded engagement ring set in 14K white gold for $489.99. If you scroll further down the page, you have the option to look at the wedding bands designed to go with that very ring. For $785.99, you can purchase the men’s and ladies’ wedding bands that are also studded in lustrous, real diamonds, thus giving you a complete trio wedding ring set.

    5. Enjoy your savings!

    Although it is a little more expensive to purchase the diamond cluster engagement ring separately from the wedding bands rather than purchasing the entire trio wedding ring set all at once, it may be worth your piece of mind if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing all three rings simultaneously without your girlfriend’s input. Either way, you will still be likely to spend less money on all three rings than you would on a single diamond solitaire engagement ring.

  • Diamond Cluster Rings for Any Budget

    If you purchase a trio wedding ring set, then you will be better able to stick to your wedding ring budget. This is especially true if you choose a trio of diamond cluster rings, which will save you even more money. Whatever your budget is for a set of three real diamond rings (an engagement ring plus two wedding bands), you are likely to find something in your price range that fits your style. Certainly a higher budget offers more choices in just about any situation, but a jeweler like My Trio Rings offers something for everyone at any price.

    $600 Wedding Ring Budget

    Spending only $600 on three coordinating diamond rings is a true bargain. If this is your budget target, then one option is a set of diamond cluster rings that features a total weight of 1/2 carats of diamonds set in 10 K white gold. This particular set features a simple, modern look with a straight line of diamonds nestled within a band of white gold. For only $550.99 (and free shipping!), such a trio wedding ring set could be on its way to you.

    $800 Wedding Ring Budget

    For $775.99, you can come in under your $800 budget for three diamond cluster rings if you choose another set with clean, modern lines. This particular set of inexpensive, high quality wedding rings contains a total weight of 1 carat of diamonds clustered together in 14 K yellow gold. These diamonds, rather than appearing nestled within the gold band, reach almost to the edge of the band, giving a striking appearance, especially in the engagement ring, which also features a large 9-diamond square cluster as its centerpiece.

    $1000 Wedding Ring Budget

    If you are seeking a trio wedding ring set for under $1000, then you are hoping to spend on average less than $333 per ring. This is still a significant savings over purchasing typical diamond solitaire rings separately from a brick-and-mortar jeweler. Within this price range, you have many choices from a jeweler such as My Trio Rings. Indeed, one such choice is a romantic three-piece set that includes 1/2 carat of diamonds set in 14 K white gold. This romantic look dazzles with diagonal bands of diamonds with swirling accent lines. Such rings could coordinate well with more old-fashioned gowns as well as with more modern, asymmetrical wedding gowns that feature a diagonal swoosh in the bodice.

  • Peace, Love, and Conflict-Free Diamonds

    With all the war in the news today, with all of the high-profile celebrity break-ups splashed in the deadlines, it is best to avoid conflict as much as possible in our own personal lives. Engaged couples, and soon-to-be-engaged couples, actually have an important role to play in promoting such peace and harmony worldwide.

    Besides getting premarital counseling, one of the most important things that a couple can do is to seek out conflict-free-diamonds when they are in the process of selecting affordable wedding rings. Fortunately, today it is relatively easy to find beautiful and affordable diamonds that are also certified conflict-free.

    Why Choose Conflict-Free Diamonds?

    Most of the world’s diamonds are mined in Africa, and some of the most unstable countries in Africa have a wealth of diamond mines. Unsurprisingly, with the high demand for real diamond wedding jewelry, there is a lot of money to be made in the diamond industry. For this reason, there have historically been some unsavory political regimes that have engaged in unethical practices and have used the money from mining diamonds to fund anything from minor corrupt political practices to genocide and war. These diamonds which are tainted by human blood and human conflict are often referred to as blood diamonds.

    In the last decade, it has become increasingly simple to shop for diamonds that are not sold to fund conflict in corruption. As a result of the independent Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, a large majority of diamonds on the market today are certified conflict-free diamonds. Most major brick-and-mortar jewelers and online jewelry retailers can provide their customers with the assurance that their affordable wedding rings are made from diamonds which meet high ethical standards. Indeed, a diamond ring does not need to be expensive to be conflict-free. Be certain to shop smart and invest in beautiful, affordable conflict-free diamonds to celebrate your love.

  • Twilight Fans Covet Budget Wedding Dress

    This just in: just a few short weeks after the most anticipated film wedding of the year debuted in theaters, you can budget-wedding-twilightnow get your own wedding dress in the style of the Twilight series’ Bella Swan. A modest, long sleeve, fitted gown with an ornate, revealing back, Bella’s designer wedding gown is rumored by some sources to be worth in excess of $35,000. That is not exactly a budget wedding dress, since it costs more than the average cost for an entire wedding in the United States.

    However, bridal designer Alfred Angelo now offers a slightly more budget wedding friendly copy of Bella’s wedding gown for $799. Engaged women around the country are flocking to try on Bella’s dress in the course of their wedding planning, even if it does not fit their own personal wedding style. Some frustrated retailers report that many non-engaged women are also filling their stores, pretending to be engaged, in order to try on Bella’s dress.

    Bella’s extravagant outdoor wedding, planned by her vampire sister-in-law Alice Cullen, is perhaps out of reach for most couples, but besides a more budget wedding friendly copy of her dress, couples can also choose to purchase a copy of Bella’s diamond cluster engagement ring. A version with fake diamonds runs about $40, while a full-blown diamond cluster engagement ring made from real diamonds that matches the description in Stephanie Meyer’s book actually costs more than $2000, which is probably out of the budget of many couples.

    But if you wish to take ideas from this year’s much-anticipated wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, you don’t have to copy Bella’s dress or the engagement ring that belonged to Edward’s long-dead human mother in the novel Breaking Dawn. Instead, you could choose your own modest wedding gown and old-fashioned engagement ring and mimic the atmosphere of Bella and Edward’s outdoor wedding. In the Cullen family, money is no object, but a bower of white flowers in a backyard wedding with a flowering vine-covered arbor could be easy to achieve quite inexpensively if you have a green thumb.

    Photo Credit: Flickr (magesomido)

  • What if I Don’t Need a Trio Wedding Ring Set?

    Your fiancé purchased a beautiful engagement ring for you and proposed. Or perhaps he gave you an heirloom engagement ring that has been in his family for generations. Now it is time to choose wedding bands for yourself and your husband-to-be, and you would like to get the best possible price. You are not looking for a good deal on a trio wedding ring set, which is a great way to save money, because you already have an engagement ring. Fortunately, some online jewelers such as My Trio Rings offer discounted wedding band sets to help you stick to your wedding budget even if you already have an engagement ring on your finger. It is easy to pick a ring set that works for you.

    How to Choose an Inexpensive Wedding Band Set

    1. Decide on a budget before you start looking. If you don’t already have a plan in place, it can be easy to trick yourself into thinking that you can afford something after you fall in love with it, when in fact the opposite is true. If you are on a tight budget, your best bet is to crunch the numbers ahead of time. High-quality, low-cost gold and diamond wedding band sets start at $326.99 from My Trio Rings.

    2. Agree on a look for your inexpensive wedding band set that you can both agree on. You will want to pick a ring style that reflects both of your tastes and personalities, as well as a style that will coordinate well with the engagement ring that is already on your ring finger. If you wonder what will look best if you are not purchasing a coordinating trio wedding ring set, then your best bet may be to choose the most simple style that fits your budget. Otherwise, consider choosing a modern wedding band set to go with your modern style engagement ring, or a classic wedding band set to match your classic style engagement ring. If your engagement ring is a plain diamond solitaire ring, then it is likely to coordinate with a variety of wedding band styles, depending on your taste.

  • How to Buy Inexpensive Wedding Jewelry

    inexpensive-wedding-jewelryYou and your fiancé compared online jewelry prices and picked out beautiful budget wedding rings to celebrate your life together. You may not be finished buying inexpensive wedding jewelry, though. Many couples choose to purchase jewelry for their wedding party that coordinates with their wedding theme and doubles as a thank-you gift. What should you look for?

    1. Bridesmaid Jewelry

    Many brides choose to purchase a matching necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings for each of their bridesmaids. Some choose a set that includes all three. Popular selections include pearl necklaces or necklaces made with colored crystals. Bridesmaid jewelry ranges widely in cost depending on what you are looking for. It is possible to purchase inexpensive wedding jewelry for bridesmaids, especially if you choose carefully. For example, look for necklaces with a single pearl instead of a full string of pearls. Although you are looking for a bargain, be sure that you purchase high-quality jewelry made from silver or gold that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

    2. Groomsmen Jewelry

    Some grooms choose to purchase special matching cufflinks for themselves and each of their groomsmen instead of using the cufflinks provided by the tuxedo rental store. Some grooms choose neutral cufflinks, while others prefer to find cufflinks that coordinate with the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Like bridesmaid jewelry, cufflinks can be purchased for a wide range of prices on inexpensive wedding jewelry websites, at brick and mortar jewelry stores, and at many department stores. Some grooms also purchase commemorative cufflinks for their father and father-in-law. If your wedding is less formal and doesn’t include tuxedos, consider giving matching silk ties instead of cufflinks.

    3. Mother of the Bride or Mother-In-Law Jewelry

    If you have enough money left in your wedding jewelry budget after purchasing budget wedding rings and inexpensive wedding jewelry for your bridal party, it might be nice to think about Mom. Some couples choose to honor their mothers with a special bouquet or with a special piece of wedding jewelry as a thank you for all of their love and care over the years. Necklaces are a popular choice, and they can even coordinate with the bridesmaid jewelry if you desire. Some stores may have upcoming Valentine’s Day sales that would give you additional savings on your jewelry purchase.

    Where would you recommend buying inexpensive wedding jewelry?

    Photo Credit: Mercury Jane

  • How to Budget for Your Wedding Ring Set

    wedding-ring-setYou want to spend every moment with her. You can’t stop thinking about her. You know that she is the one person you want to share the rest of your life with. You want to start your life together on firm financial footing. Planning a wedding on a budget starts before you even pick out her wedding ring set. Here are some budget wedding tips to get you started before you pop the question.

    1. Pick a ring you can afford.

    The popular myth is that you need to spend at least two month’s salary on an engagement ring. But why go into debt if you can get a beautiful diamond ring for less? Pick a budget that you can afford and stick to it. The more money you save on a ring, the more money you will have to put towards the wedding, the honeymoon, or even the down payment on a house.

    2. Shop for jewelry online.

    Online jewelry stores often offer better selection and better prices than a brick-and-mortar store can afford to do. They have the advantage of not using pushy salespeople who may be working on commission. Online jewelers also allow you easy comparison shopping from the comfort of your living room as you search for the best deals.

    3. Select a diamond cluster ring set.

    You can save money by purchasing a diamond cluster ring, which clusters smaller diamonds together for a higher aesthetic impact at a much lower cost. You can also stay on budget by purchasing a bargain wedding ring set that includes either a wedding ring and an engagement ring or an engagement ring and two wedding bands instead of spending more money and time to choose each ring separately.

    4. Put your ring on layaway.

    Don’t purchase the wedding ring set with your credit card and get hit by high finance charges that will hurt your wallet and affect your credit rating for years to come. Some jewelers such as My Trio Rings offers customized layaway plans (https://www.mytriorings.com/layaway-plan.html) to help you spread out the cost of an engagement ring or a wedding ring set over time before you propose.

    Photo Credit: Sinksanctity

  • Where to Buy a Wedding Ring Set on a $400 Budget

    When shopping for gold and diamond wedding bands, there is no limit to how much money you can spend. It can be easy to get pulled into the trap of spending more than you can afford on beautiful wedding jewelry, especially in a store with pushy salespeople. In order to spend wisely, decide on a specific budget for wedding ring sets before you walk into a store or start looking around online, and shop around to find the best deal on quality jewelry within your price range.

    Let’s say for the sake of comparison that you decide you can spend a maximum of $400 on a wedding ring set. Here is what you can purchase at some of the most popular online jewelry stores.

    blue_nile1. Bluenile.com

    At Bluenile.com, you can design your own ring. The cheapest possible engagement ring that you can create is a 1/4 carat diamond solitaire ring set in 18K gold. This one ring alone will cost you $660, which is far out of your budget for a trio wedding ring set.

    ice2. Ice.com

    At Ice.com, you can purchase a 1/4 carat diamond solitaire ring with a 14K gold setting for $495. This ring does not fall under your budget and it only includes one ring instead of the engagement ring, women’s wedding band, and men’s wedding band you hope to purchase for less than $400 total.

    zales3. Zales.com

    At Zales.com, you can find a small collection of trio wedding ring sets.  Their lowest priced trio wedding ring set is a 1/3 ct tw 10 K White Gold Trio Ring Set runs $871.  This set is probably double the budget because of the "brand name" that Zales carries. 

    BT133W4. Mytriorings.com

    On a $400 budget for a set of gold and diamond wedding bands, your best bet is Mytriorings.com, where you can purchase a 1/4 carat diamond trio set with 10K white gold for only $379. This affordable price is well within your $400 budget, and it includes not only an engagement ring, but also a men’s wedding band and a women’s wedding band as well. My Trio Rings can offer better prices on high quality wedding jewelry because they craft rings using small diamond clusters rather than solitaire diamonds, which makes a bigger impact at a lower price. You even have $21 left over to purchase a bottle of champagne to celebrate your engagement.

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